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    Behind you... OH CRAP!
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    Computer Games, Being amazing, minecraft, minecraft, and minecraft.

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  1. Uberlyuber

    What's your internet speed?

    mines better!!! Go to share your result and click forum and then click "copy" to post the image.
  2. Uberlyuber

    Let's play a forum game!

    Ikr... the ban hammer wants to hit rj. XD
  3. Uberlyuber

    Ask the user below you thread

    Stop spamming rj, I haz a feeling stylez will make the ban hammer drop on you. You haz posted that everywhere already. You need a forum avatar as well as 3 posts 4 build rights. Humble I put the fu in fun. Do u do number 2 in public bathrooms?
  4. WilI be home In a few hours... YAAAY!!!

  5. Uberlyuber

    Funny/cool screenshots

    LolSrry if I bumped this post.
  6. Uberlyuber

    Hamachi Issue?

    Oh yeah I remember I already forwarded my ports be4 my router login page stopped going! But only I could connect to my server! BTW... I do use netgear but on a cg3000d and it SUCKS! xD
  7. Title says it all
  8. Uberlyuber

    Quote this post and say BIG MAC!

    NICE my dad gave me a BIG MAC with an extra large powerade and fries...
  9. Uberlyuber

    Let's play a forum game!

    I tame the dragons with cookies, diamondz, goldz, and ironz. I then use the dragon to kill the zombs STORY 2: I just do mind control and make them eat bombs. I win noobz
  10. Uberlyuber

    Awesome Seed!

    Screenshots please?
  11. Uberlyuber

    Hamachi Issue?

    Well... I haz a 2 week wait on me to do that... BUTTTT I haz looked up my default gateway a billion times and won't connect.BTWi need hamachi to connect to ma friends server.
  12. Uberlyuber

    Hamachi Issue?

    It won't connect for some reason.it used to and one day it stopedworking

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