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  1. Episode 39 (season finale) World download. This is a save from before the season finale "mishap" - I dropped all my inventory in the diamond chest in the vault. The config pack is inside the world download .zip file. In order to use Matmos you will need to install LiteLoader alongside Forge, if you don't want to use Matmos then LiteLoader is not required. Mod list should be the same as the previous post.
  2. Industrialized world download has been posted!

  3. Episode 26 World download. The config pack is inside the world download .zip file. In order to use Matmos you will need to install LiteLoader alongside Forge, if you don't want to use Matmos then LiteLoader is not required. Mod list (sorry, I don't have links to these mods, time to practice your Google-Fu):
  4. Getting back into the swing of things!

  5. Stylez

    Windows 10

    I figured I'd make a little post with my experience with Windows 10 so far and what does and does not work with it. Programs that work: Premiere Pro CS6 After Effects CS6 Photoshop CS6 Audition CS6 Adobe Media Encoder Dxtory 2.0.131 (seems to hang for ~30 seconds when you stop recording - counter is orange and says "FIN" underneath but goes away eventually) Steam Google Chrome Dropbox Windows Media Player Games that work that I've randomly spot tested (I'd assume most games should work fine, I mostly just briefly launched the following games so there may be other bugs within): Minecra
  6. haha yeah it's definitely a little dormant here and on my YT channel. Been SO busy the last few months but I'm trying to get into some Industrialized again and maybe some Planet Explorers.
  7. I got a few more to add (in no particular order): Elysium Gravity Ender's Game Oblivion Europa Report The Last Days on Mars (if you like a bit of horror with your sci-fi)
  8. Stylez

    Shaders mod update

    Yeah it makes Minecraft look amazing but you need a super computer to run it. I can run it at a decent FPS (just over 30) but it makes my mouse input lag so I can't use it. EDIT: WOW it has come a long way! I'll have to retry it now that it has better performance. EDIT 2: Just tried it out and the FPS fluctuate for me between 30 and 60 but even at 60 I still experience mouse input jerkiness that makes the game unplayable. Plus it does some weird stuff with mods.
  9. Yeah I did a little research after the episode and watched the video and figured out a lot of stuff. Those 2 coppers that didn't go into the smeltery really confused me! RIght now I'm using apiaries with frames in the one with the marshy bees but now that I have a ton of combs I'll probably put some bee houses in since i don't really plan to mutate anything until I get some more bees.
  10. Stylez

    Video recording

    I like the UI of Dxtory... it gets the job done. It's not sugar coated but it does what it needs to do. I'd say download the trial and try it for yourself.
  11. We used a hosting company for the last server. *IF* I do an SMP server it will be using the Industrialized 2.5 mod pack*. *I won't actually be releasing a mod pack per se.
  12. We won't be using a paid host. They get sort of expensive and interest inevitably dies off and I'm stuck with $30 a month hosting bill for an idle server. I'll be screwing around with an FTB server, I just don't know which pack - probably Unleashed since that's pretty much the standard pack most people use. It'll be whitelisted and private for forum members and if needed we can install MCPC+ for Bukkit plugins. Only problem I have now is my good computer isn't on 24/7 and my "server" computer isn't quite as high on specs. Then again I'm not sure how much an FTB server would need. EDIT: I t
  13. FYI TE is in development but conduits and liquiducts likely won't be in for MC 1.6.
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