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  1. Koky

    Shaders mod update

    I haven't seen that mod for a long time. Somehow I came up on this video and I was like... That is getting so scary close to real... I think I'm gonna move all my real stuff INSIDE THE GAME. It just feels so... REAL!
  2. Koky


    Gathered some resources, already a force tree farming. Waiting for you guys to decide where to set up the first base. Have a full double chest already!
  3. I finally made it to your new Mekanized series. Currently at ep 6 You have updated your mods and the world crashed - mine crashed without updating. Just couldn't load the chunks - no idea why... The bees - lucker! I have cleared a whole jungle and destroyed all the tropical hives - only princesses. Had to go with wintry as I spawned in a magical forest (Thaumcraft) and a swampland but found 1 bee only that lives in the swamp. The water source block you have tried to kill was a buildcraft water spring. Haven't tried yet but Cover Jaguar said that if you put a pump on it will never run out
  4. Comment about Episode 8 (youtube wants me to log in Google+ that I have no idea how to do so, just yet ): bronze - you did not have space for 2 of the copper ores in the smeltery and they were left in the inv. bees - bee house is the lowest bee-keeping-thing. As you know, with the scoop you will get combs from time to time and with the first 5 combs - bee house. The bee house does not have place for frames but it has a pretty high production (combs) based on the apiary (without frames). I am not sure but as far as I can remember it was about 3 or 4 times more than the apiary. If you want th
  5. Koky


    I think I know what the problem was. I have tried to connect to a FTB server and I had problems. Investigated a bit and found out that after the fresh installation of the Windows my java version is TOO NEW. lol The solution was (didn't try, just read it) "downgrade".
  6. Koky

    Video recording

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a free or cheap app to record videos with a good sound quality. (please note that it is not for Minecraft... well.. not yet) Stylez, I know you are using Dxtory but have not seen that before. Can you please let me know if it has an easy UI? I can see myself that the performance is good. I have some experience with CamStudio 2.0 but it had 1 minute audio delay at the 30 minutes of the video and it was getting worse when reaching the 1h. Thanks for you help!
  7. Koky


    I think I've already mentioned that. (: Same again. Even couldn't hit the zombie before Minecraft closed! No point, switching to youtube. lol I may try hosting a server during the weekend (moded) but will see...
  8. Koky


    Ok, for some reason it drops me out. :\ Edit: Yup, 13w39b. Even when you left, same thing happened. Also, the "signal" is very low. Edit2: ping 1600. I see what the problem is here... Vanilla Minecraft does not want me there! LOL
  9. Koky


    Gr8ful, is the server up? I may join tonight, in 40 minutes will be at home and download the snapshot. Latest, right?
  10. Koky

    FTB or other server?

    What was the server you guys ran in 2012? "Homemade" or using a hosting company? Also, how about creating custom mod pack and lower the performance required?
  11. Koky

    FTB or other server?

    There is one thing I do not like - GregTech. Just... there is something wrong with this mod... really.. Anything else - I'm cool. Gr8ful, what do you think about recording a multiplayer series?
  12. Hi Guys, My exams are gone (not passed but that is a different topic ) and I think the time has come to open such a discussion. We have to decide: -What modpack are we going to use or first of all - what version of MC... -How are we going to host it. Stylez, I do appreciate that you want to use your "extra" pc as a server, but I am ok if we decide to pay to a hosting company (or donate if you choose to host it by yourself). Looking ahead for a really hot discussion.
  13. Koky


    No mods? Not interested in... At least BC and/or IC?
  14. Aaaand, in addition. Yup, really excited about the UE. Hope you will record a second one soon and start settling up, so we could check out some cool stuff.
  15. 42 minutes, rly?! I have an exam tomorrow! UE won't be that bad, I guess...
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