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  1. Gr8ful

    Windows 10

    I'll be working tonight I think to get it going. Been too long since I had an OS that performed nicely on my hardware, hope this will be the one that works for me.
  2. About time someone posted in here, I was going crazy talking to myself!
  3. Yes, good additions to the list indeed.
  4. Well, I'm thinking of getting back in the loop with 1.7.2 since mods are starting to update for it. Thanks to Tinkers Construct and the nice piece of code that crashes your game if Optifine is also installed, I had to cut my recordings short. I began having a tough time keeping a steady 30fps while recording without Optifine. At the same time I really don't want to give up Tinkers Construct as it's a really nice addition to the list. If mDiyo can't make his mod compatible with Optifine I might have to drop it. 1.7.2 has brought quite a performance optimization to the game and may be worth my t
  5. Gr8ful


    I've already got a place, just haven't mined any yet. I have bees though.
  6. Gr8ful


    I set up a modded server we can mess around on if interested. All information on what is needed can be found below. Here's a list of mods from SolitaryCraft on ATLauncher that is loaded on the server. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2l27j7ykbbrmohf/Solitarycraft.txt This is the list from my client that I'm using, including client side mods (InvTweaks, Zan's, etc.) You can find ATLauncher at http://www.atlauncher.com/download/ Server address: thegr8lands.no-ip.org P.S. - This means you too Stylez
  7. Have been taking a little time with the family for the holidays and also getting more mod updates finalized. Plus fighting this asthma as well...nobody wants to hear my heavy breathing in the mic.
  8. Looks like YouTube destroyed my "Decomissioned" episode. Well, that one is gone forever considering I just reinstalled Windows and no longer have these archived. Worked fine until they decided to integrate that whole Google+ crap.
  9. New Mekanized Mod List is available! http://bit.ly/1abo8a7
  10. New Episode of Mekanized is on the way! Should be available this evening!
  11. The Unleashed series will now officially be replaced by Mekanized! More info can be found at http://thegr8lands.enjin.com/forum/m/17568478/viewthread/9075962-mekanized
  12. Gr8ful


    Let me know the address so I can disconnect!
  13. Gr8ful


    You live in Bulgaria? btw..I just did a restart.
  14. Gr8ful


    Don't understand why your having trouble staying connected. You are using latest Snapshot right? 13w39b..
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