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  1. but i had not touched my chests since that morning or my furnaces and even then that dosnt account for them being compeltely gone because i placed them on saturday also i made a chest shop before i disconnected and the sign is still there but the chest isnt, looks like someone broke them despie the fact that they were in my protected area
  2. Why was I demoted? also why are all of my furnaces and chests gone now? very confused
  3. Original The Half life series is my favorite game series of all time because they have a perfect mix of action and thinking, by the end of the game you're really rooting for Mr. Freeman despite the fact that he is a mute.
  4. Hey has anyone on the forum played the original half-life, that said Lord Stylez, would you ever consider doing a play-through series of the game for the youtubes >?
  5. Today at lunch in a greek salad When was the last time you ate a homegrown mushroom
  6. Merde what book did I just open?
  7. Depends on how large your tongue is. How large is your tongue?
  8. "Cell" by Stephen King Where did these spiders come from?
  9. I've never heard of "Core" but you made a smart move by going with PEX over other plugins as PEX is a more flexible plugin also are you using MSQL for your database?
  10. Game Of Thrones What is your favorite pre homo-sapiens hominid? EG: Homo-Habilis
  11. what plugin are you using for permissions, are you running essentials ?
  12. Answer the user above you's question and then post you're own for the user below you to answer. Example: User 1: What is your favorite colour? User 2: Magenta What animal would you be? User 3: Cat why is the earth round? So I'll start What is your favorite food?
  13. P.S I was wondering if you could post a list of plugins that the server will be running and note which ones you require help with (if any) as I may be able to point you in the right direction. -cheers
  14. Have you done any SMP server builds before? Do you have pictures of your builds? How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you know how to use WorldEdit (if not you will be allowed creative mode) Roughly 90% of all building i do is on multiplayer servers No pics available at this time however i moderate on a server of which i'll pm you the ip so as not to advertise on this forum, I've done some builds there so hook me up and I'll show ya round Since late alpha I am very experienced W/ worldguard/worldedit and know first hand just how easy it is to crash servers with it which in SM
  15. Just want to get a feel for how many bronies are fans of Lord Stylez or if i am the only bronie?
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