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  1. Oh man, Farming Sim 2013 would be awesome! I love that game, even though it's a farming game!
  2. Oh well, it still doesn't work. I get the message: Forge mod loader has found some ID mismatches and then some random text (something with railcraft, but I don't know :/)
  3. oh yeah, I found the problem, for some reason it didn't show me the installed mods before.
  4. I'm currently having some trouble disabling GregTechMod :/ . I know how to open the disabling screen, but where in my folders do I find the mod?
  5. Well, too bad. Because of the new Ica Age, a wild mammoth appears! You tried to catch it with your pok├ęball, but it ran over you. Too bad.
  6. play Cortex Command. Best. game. ever. If you know how to play it
  7. It beats windows 8 so hard, it has to hire Chuck Norris to do it.
  8. Darn, it looks like my old forum post is dead x.x . It's been a while since I've been here, anyone feel like starting a new king of the hill game?
  9. dammit, I can join, I just can't talk through my mic because of reasons...
  10. Sure! I'll work on it right away! same
  11. yeah you'd think right? Well guess what? you stole the wrong bullets. And you placed your chips in the wrong bullets. You placed those chips in the bullet that ChrisH used to kill himself, because he saw that his plan failed. Now he's under your command AND he's a zombie
  12. Methane. Do zombies have a livingroom?
  13. a very delicious cookie. Is Santa real?
  14. hmm... those tree huggers are no problem. I just pull out my AK-74 and BAM they're all dead. I used special bullets so they won't ressurect as zombies.
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