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  1. Happy too, as soon as i can get on () i will make the bestist roads and bridges and all the most amazing stuff u have ever seen, the mogoraty of the roads in the old server where made by others
  2. It comes up saying end of stream everytime Also stylez, if you do need builders like TheBrian was saying, i would love to help, i really enjoyed doing the roads and bridges with everyone else on the old server
  3. not sure and no and i get end of stream and im a derp
  4. darn, im gunna lose all the claim blocks on my house cos of the server stoping without me knowing, but still happy bout tekkit, gunna be cool
  5. Crap been away on holiday and didnt know we where changing :L
  6. so basically we are in the situation of all or nuffin: we either rest the map and have every mod, or leave it and have non
  7. i change my vote to yes btw!
  8. well, i dont mind if we get it or not, but, if we did then since moveing oil is such a pain and no one wants to do it, we could sell that in bukkets or somting or tanks, i dont know just a sugestion
  9. Well we are all screwed O.o
  10. Awsome! Will find some time to give it ago. You have done an epic job from what i have seen with the starters guide video.
  11. If your still looking then you might want to try Killing Floor. It doesn't have any story and it may not be as much horror as you might be wanting but its still good game.
  12. I simply blow my Chunk Norris whistle. I hope im not intruding on this game but it looked mighty fun.
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