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  1. dutchvuurvos

    GamingStylez Tekkit Server

    Been on holiday too. But glad we're moving to tekkit.
  2. dutchvuurvos

    Is there a tekkit server?

    As far as I know there is only the current (vanilla+plugins) server. The poll for the tekkit server is still up, but it states that if they want to implement it, it will be probably done not until 1.3 comes out. hope it helped.
  3. Yes, found my first blue shiney rocks!

  4. Just finished my house! Well, the first version:-)

  5. dutchvuurvos

    Industrialized Season 2 Planning

    Mmmm, didn't know of that one. Will have to take a look at that one. :-)
  6. dutchvuurvos

    Forums Seem Dead; Lets Get Them Started Again!

    Thing I don't like about the 1.3 update is that monsters should now be able to spawn on half-slabs. And I'v recently mad my house mob proof with half-slabs *sigh*
  7. dutchvuurvos

    Industrialized Season 2 Planning

    You could take a look at the planes mod http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/182918-125flans-mod-rewritten-and-now-totally-awesome/ It's technical, it fits the industrialized theme and makes travelling around easier.
  8. dutchvuurvos

    When did you start playing Minecraft

    Hi everybody. Maybe it's a good idea to share when you started playing Minecraft, and how you discovered the game. Maybe you've only played it for a month, or you're an alpha veteran. It could be you once saw a video on Youtube, or one of your friends played it. Share your story below. I've played it since beta 1.3 (I think, only thing I remember from those days is my first map I spawned next to a dungeon and spiders kept on killing me). I followed let's plays on the internet and came across a let's play of Minecraft. And thought: I want to try that for myself. The rest is history...
  9. dutchvuurvos

    GamingStylez SMP Server?

    Maybe a silly question, but as it stands now, will it be a server with vanilla minecraft play (gathering blocks, building your home and go on an adventure) or purely building? I'm asking this because I don't have much experience with servers, and the few I've visited where purely building servers. While sometimes it can be fun to play as creative mode, it takes away a bit of fun in the long run. Maybe this question has been answered before, but I could't read it anywhere.
  10. dutchvuurvos


    Hey Stylez. Keep up the good work! Hope this place will flourish! Greetings from the Netherlands

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