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GamingStylez SimCity Series

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I've already uploaded a couple of videos of the closed beta but starting Tuesday I'm planning to play some serious SimCity! Hopefully I'll be able to start recording on Tuesday night (if their servers don't get hammered) and have the first video ready to go for Wednesday - if I have time to edit it Tuesday night it'll be up Wednesday morning.


I'm not sure how I'll be setting up the series... I might do a single player series and then a multiplayer series along side of it when/if I get a few people together that want to play in a region.



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At least your game is working! haha


I finally got situated at 10:00pm to sit down and record but I got a nice error that it can't create my region. Their servers are getting HAMMERED right now... it's pretty much Diablo 3 all over again. Anyone lucky to get in and play usually ends up with a corrupt city when they switch to another city in the region.

I'm hoping I'll have better luck tomorrow - in the meantime I'm gonna brush up on the guide!


Also: Anyone interested in a multiplayer region let me know! I'm looking for 6 more people (preferably regulars on this forum... do I even have 6 regulars?? lol) so we can each have 2 cities in a 16 city region. I'll be doing a separate multiplayer series from the current single player one.

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Buy me the game;D Or half of it. I would very much enjoy doing a multiplayer series of this, but I need to get the cash to. 


Also, on your SP SimCity, make sure to maximize the amount of space you are taking up, I've seen good towns go down because there is wasted space all over due to the theory that spaces are preset to max the area.

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