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  1. Dig_215


    Hey Gr8tful, I've been having troubles getting onto your server. Been almost two weeks or so i think. Keeps timing me out. I think i might be having minecraft withdrawals.
  2. Dig_215

    GamingStylez SimCity Series

    I'm pretty sure you have more then 6 regulars.
  3. Dig_215

    GamingStylez Tekkit Server

    So if we are going to a tekkit server....ummm how do I or where do I go so I can change my minecraft from being the normal boring to the new exciting? So i can be prepared for the new server. Or is that something I just wait for when the time comes?
  4. Dig_215

    GamingStylez Tekkit Server

    Looks like fun to me.
  5. Dig_215

    Minecraft 1.3.1

    Thanks guys. I got er.
  6. Dig_215

    Minecraft 1.3.1

    Hey, Without really paying attention to what i was doing I downloaded the new update. Now everytime I try to connect to the server all I get is: Connection Lost - End of Stream. It there some way I can go back to the other version or anything?
  7. Dig_215

    What's your internet speed?

    Hey Mine's not to bad. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2095464652.png
  8. Dig_215

    Hey its spike

    Ole Mister Voltage actually got me playing on his account the other day when I was up. Caught him a bunch of fish I did.
  9. Dig_215

    Hey its spike

    Oh yeah I'm new to the forum, looks great.
  10. Dig_215

    Hey its spike

    Yeah I miss that server myself. I dug a lot.

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