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Metallurgy 2

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Has anyone used this mod? Is it something I should look into for my LP? Here's a link to it.


I looked into it a bit earlier and it really only looks like it adds a bunch of different ores, metals and associated tools/weapons. There's some nice tools in it that are a lot better than diamond as well as some chests that are like the Iron Chest mod.


Unfortunately it's not compatible out of the box (from what I can tell) with IC2 macerators so that kind of sucks (there used to be a patch for it but it hasn't been updated). It does have its own macerator-like machine (crusher) that runs off coal and is very slow (like 30+ minutes to macerate a stack of ore).


I can see how it would add a lot more variety to mining and some cool tools but I'm not sure if more equals better in this case.


I'm also afraid if I keep adding these mods I'm going to have more ore spawning than stone! At least with this mod I can disable a LOT of ore generation from other mods which may not be a bad thing.


I should just download it and learn it and do a mod spotlight on it because there's jack shit on YouTube for it.


Edit: Just found this on their main post lol :P


Industrialcraft 2 has a ton of support from us, you can crush our ores in their Macerator, you can craft their Macerators using our Crushers and Circuits/Iron Bars, their Drills will mine at a level equivalent to what they are (Iron-Iron, Diamond-Diamond). You will need to adjust their config to list our Ore ID's under Miners however.

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The out-of-the-box config for Metallurgy doesn't spawn near enough ores when you have other tech mods installed. I did find this in the Metallurgy 2 thread though:



Posted by Shadowclaimer


-Disable Industrialcraft's Copper and Tin spawns in Industrialcraft's Configs.

-Disable Industrialcraft's Bronze Tools/Armor by setting their IDs to 0 in Industrialcraft's Configs.

-Increase Copper, Tin, and Iron Vein Counts by 3 in Metallurgy's Configs.

-Increase Redstone, Lapis, and Diamond Vein Counts by 2 in Metallurgy's Configs.

-Set Miner's able to mine the following IDs in Industrialcraft's Configs: 901:0, 901:1, 901:2, 901:3, 910:0, 910:1, 910:2, 915:0, 915:1, 915:2, 915:3, 915:4, 915:5, 915:6, 915:7, 919:0, 919:1, 919:2, 919:3, 919:4, 919:5, 919:6, 919:7, 919:8, 919:9, 919:10, 919:11



-Disable Redpower's Copper, Tin, and Silver spawns in Redpower's Configs

-Increase Metallurgy's Copper, Tin, Silver, Redstone, and Lapis Vein Counts by 2 in Metallurgy's Configs


-Disable Forestry's Copper and Tin spawns in Forestry's Configs

-Increase Copper and Tin Vein Counts by 2 in Metallurgy's Configs



-Install the Metallurgy Mystcraft Addon. (Adds symbols for our metal sets)

-Disable Metallurgy metal sets spawning in their dimensions in Metallurgy Configs



-Disable Steel Tools/Armor in Railcraft's configs by setting their IDs to 0

-Increase Iron Vein Count by 2 in Metallurgy's Configs

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This mod definitely looks very interesting. Maybe we can put together a pack of mods ourselves and submit it to FTB for the launcher? I think I would really like to see this mod in our pack.


EDIT: Pack would have to be a private use for our server, unless we magically got all the mod makers permissions to use them. :P

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I'm pretty sure the don't accept private mod packs only ones that you get permission for... but yeah from the tiny bit I played with it last night at 2am when I wasn't trying to configure it it looks pretty interesting.


Metallurgy 3 looks like it's going to be even better. It's going to have drills and machines and stuff and it's going to be balanced against Buildcraft where Metallurgy 2 was balanced against IC2. More and more I'm getting closer to ditching IC2. Right now the only real use of IC2 is for jet packs and quantum suit and some other stuff I never use like crops. Enchanting has gotten so useful that diamond drills are about useless.

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So far my initial impressions of this mod are mixed. The mod is VERY well done and does what it's designed to do extremely well and looks very nice. The only downside right now I see to it is that it adds a lot of ores and metals that I may not use (is that even really a downside?). But at the same time, the IC2 drill is just no match for an enchanted pick and these new metals that come with the mod add some very powerful items and armour.


Also, it's ore dictionary compatible which means I can disable most mod ores and have them generated by Metallurgy as long as I adjust the configs like I posted above. I'd like to see it support the Thermal Expansion pulverizer instead of just the IC2 macerator (and its own crusher) but that's not a big deal.


Right now I'm just playing around with it and want to see what version 2.3 does with the mod (which should be out soon). Version 3 is going to be really cool but it's a long ways off and is an idea for Industrialized season 3. But for season 2 I can see me using this mod just to make mining more interesting.


Oh I almost forgot - it adds its own set of chests (if you use the precious metals module) made of various metals which means I could get rid of the Iron Chests mod. The Iron Chests mod has a few more chests than Metallurgy and may be a little easier to craft them but with Metallurgy it's kind of redundant.


Edit: Just as a posted this they released a 2.3 beta with some neat stuff. TE pulverizer support! Link





Add 3x3 storage blocks for ingots

Configs have categories and values switched back

Add Creative Tabs for each metal set

Ability to notify users ingame of updates

Diamond armor needs sprites to match the rest of the armors

Ender Ores should have the ender sparkle effect

All Nether Ores should sparkle

Villagers will not accept coin, stack, bags, or bullion for all their trades

Add special abilities/uses for Nether/Fantasy ores

LE TNT (5x5x5 + Only strips stone) x4 = TNT + 4x Magnesium + 4x Phosphorus

HE TNT (9x9x9) x4 = TNT + 4x Saltpeter + 4x Sulfur

Magnesium + Flint = Magnesium Igniter (More durable Flint+Steel Combo)

Fix Dust Definitions

Stick + Phosphorus = 4x Matches (Consumed on use, Flint-Steel replacement)

Fertilizer recipe makes 8 instead of 4

Base Armor 3D textures

Adding Lanterns/Colored Glass to the mod

Bronze/Hep/Dam = 1 Piston, Ang/Steel = 2 Pistons

Make Utility Ores drop EXP (0-3)

Tar + Blaze Powder = Magma Cream (Shapeless)

Ladders constructable from Base Metals

Remove Smelters leaving behind lava

Support for the Sword Pedestal Mod

Rebalance nether ores for scarcity

The ability to remove lava from Smelters

Fixed smelter max fuel going to -32072

Generation to Ore Count - Vein Count

Diamond to 4-3

Iron to 10-7

Redstone to 8-6

Tin to 10-7

Gold to 4-5

Lapis is 5-4

Fertilizer works on Carrots/Potatos

Add a tooltip telling what the special effect of a sword is

Recipes for TE Machines (Pulverizer-Crusher, Furnace-their Smelter thingy)

Our Furnaces don't destroy buckets

Our metals work with anvils

Let Metuoite in a circle make 4x Ender Pearls

Add weapons for balkons

Steel Block Recipes no longer conflict

Abillity to add block ids to the Core Config to be spawned in world gen



Edited by Stylez
2.3 beta released

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I'm pretty sure Factorization has a 'macerator' type machine that does what you're looking for; doubling and tripling output of ores.


I'm not feeling that mod. It's just another energy net that duplicates what the other tech mods do... and barrels. lol I'm sure as a stand-alone mod it's bad ass but I think it overlaps too much if you use a lot of other tech mods like I do.


Either way, Metallurgy has a slow macerator (crusher) and IC2 has a macerator and so does Thermal Expansion (pulverizer). Metallurgy now supports both IC2 and TE as of 2.3. Obviously you can't triple your ores like you can with Factorisation though.

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If the power output of IC2 can be duplicated from another compatible mod, IC2 can be dropped. There are certainly better mods out there.


Yeah I'm considering dropping it for season 3 of my LP as I think a lot of mods are going to shift their focus to BuildCraft energy like Metallurgy is. The only thing keeping IC2 around for me is possibly quantum suit, electric tools, jet packs and Gregtech. Metallurgy 3 is going to have at least a drill that I assume will be powered by MJ from BC, and there's other stand alone mods that can likely replace some of that IC2 functionality.


I would really hate to ditch IC2 though as it was one of the (if not THE) original tech mod. I could also see RedPower getting some more bluelectric tools, machines, and armour which would be pretty awesome.


On that note I'd like to see Eloraam implement a bluelectric API so that people could make machines and stuff that use her energy net.

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Don't forget about Universal Electricity API as well.


Yeeeeah but that mod has a LONG way to go. I've gotten frustrated trying to figure out what all the different components of it do. There's next to no documentation on anything (including the sub mods) and there's no changelogs for anything recent so you can't tell what's being added.


I've played with it and I did enjoy the testing I did with it but I couldn't help but feel in the dark about everything. It's cool that it can accept BC and IC2 energy into its own network but you can't send that energy back out to a BC or IC2 energy network... or at least in version 1.0.

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