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Industrialized Season One World Download

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I present to you the long awaited world download for Industrialized season one! This download was (or will be if I haven't uploaded it yet) announced in the season finale of Industrialized that was uploaded October 8th, 2012.


Feel free to download this and finish my projects or take a look at what I've done. If you have any issues getting it to work you can post your questions to this thread but keep in mind I am supplying this as UNSUPPORTED so don't expect any help from me or anyone else getting it to work.


It's currently running on Minecraft 1.2.3 and all of the config files for the mods as well as a list of mods are provided in the archive (list of mods in the mods folder).


Anyone who feels so inclined to port this to a newer version of Minecraft feel free to post a link to your updated version.





Note: This is a non-functional download. It does not include any of the Minecraft game files. Just config files and the world save itself. You will need to copy the files into your own Minecraft folder. I recommend using something like Minecraft Portable, Magic Launcher, or MultiMC.

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