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  1. its sooo sad but makes 200% sense i dont blame ya
  2. the plot manager thing looks good i would have more imput but just read 2 pages and brains gone fuzzy
  3. yeah true i think that could be an idea
  4. hmm could be cool but also a major pain in the behind i was trying mystcraft ages for the first time last night and 30 books down the line i finally got an age where i wasn't nauseous :/
  5. looking forward to that!!
  6. it works!!!! awesome nice one!!
  7. ok running the new jar launcher
  8. i put the jar in a folder and run it opens the launcher i put in my login it runs and downloads 15968kb of something then closes and thats it??
  9. is it coz im on mac??
  10. i'd come on the test but i still cant sort the FTB launcher thing!!
  11. just tried it in a folder and now i just got files in a folder
  12. hmm ok so launch it to a sub folder .... does it need to be a .minecraft folder?? or any old folder??
  13. i dont understand it closed and thats it now i got folders all over my desktop and thats it now..... so ..... erm..... what do i do???
  14. Just downloaded and starting up now and it looks AWESOME
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