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We should start hosting servers again, on a different game

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I really want this to be revived
I had a lot of fun in Minecraft, but I think we should expand onto other games.  I think that most of us has grown bored of Minecraft, so I think we should host a DarkRP server on Garry's Mod.


For those of you who don't know what Garry's Mod is, (I'm lazy and don't feel like taking the time to explain stuff, so I'm copying this off of wikipedia) Garry's Mod (officially abbreviated to GMod) is a sandbox physics game using a modified Source engine.  Garry's Mod allows players to manipulate items, furniture and "props" – various objects that players can place in-game. Props can be selected from any installed Source engine game or from a community created collection. The game features two "guns" – Physics Gun and Tool Gun for manipulating objects. The Physics Gun allows objects to be picked up, adjusted, and frozen in place. As of Garry's Mod 13 the Physics Gun's color can be changed via the context menu, which changes the color of its glow, beam, and halo. The Tool Gun is a multi-purpose tool for performing various tasks, such as combining props, attaching them via ropes, and creating controllable winches and wheels. The Tool Gun is also used to control add-ons created by the community.  Okay back to me.
Pretty much, in the default gamemode (sandbox) you can spawn in items ('props') from Half Life, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, or any Source game (pretty much means any game developed by Valve) that you have installed.  And yes, unfortunately, in order for you to see content from other games you have to either purchase and install the games or download their content packs.


Garry's Mod has the ability to have different gamemodes, like Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, or more custom gamemodes, like Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) where innocent civilians have to find out who the traitors are, and more retarded ones like Elevator Source, where you sit in an elevator and go up and down a building.


DarkRP (Dark Role-Play) is almost the most, if not the most, popular gamemode on GMod at the moment.

DarkRP is also kind hard to explain so you can watch

 (NOTE: DarkRP is not based on money printers as much as he says it is.  He missed a lot of major things like being a policeman and getting into huge raids [these raids can be pretty epic for both sides especially if you set up really good defenses] on druglabs, being a lumberjack and just chopping down trees and chilling, being the mayor and fearing for your life because you set the taxes to like 75% and now people want your head.  There's a TON to do besides money printers.  Also another thing, most servers have a Car Pack that they have installed, and use bigger maps, usually evocity [this is an older version of Evocity, however I think it is better for new players].  And one last thing, DarkRP and all RP's have a very specific set of rules [this is the set of rules for the server I currently play on {it also might help explain DarkRP a bit}], and I think they would work out quite well.)


Although you could just do

 (this is a much better explanation than the last one), which might even be better since it would probably be easier to understand and get into.  This also has a set of rules you need to follow, but they're more obvious (don't kill people for no reason, don't mic-spam if someone tells you to stop, etc.)


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I can't speak for the others here, but I still play Minecraft and/or Feed The Beast on a daily basis.

I sort of miss it but I haven't played it since I did my last video. Mostly because once again I'm stuck between versions where I want to do some stuff that newer mods have (mostly forestry stuff) but I'm stuck waiting for mods like RedPower to get updated in my pack before I can move on.


As to the original post, it sounds interesting but I don't have the time nor money to put into hosting another server that will only be used by a couple of people.

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I have still been hosting an up-to-date Vanilla server. If you're still waiting on RedPower to be updated, I'm afraid you may be waiting a long time. Feed The Beast has already dropped it from their line up because of the lack of updates. In other news, there are excellent replacement mods for it out there. Tinkers Construct is also an awesome mod that lends itself to the 'Industrial' theme very well. I couldn't recommend that mod enough. If you're looking to get back into modded minecraft but still waiting for mods to update, FTB has come a long way and is also using a universal config file that can be interchanged with DW20, Unleashed, and to a point..Unhinged. Although Unhinged is touchy as it is the Greg Tech pack. So I wouldn't try switching a config file with that one. :lol:  My choice of mod pack through FTB would be either Unleashed or the Direwolf20 packs, both are 1.5.2 and updating rather quickly. If you're interested in a multi-player environment with FTB let me know and I'll see about hosting it for us. But again, this would only be for a few people.


P.S. - If you keep up with DW20...you'll notice he has also stopped reporting on RedPower. Some food for thought.

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Awesome man, thanks for the update! I'll look into those other mods you mentioned as it would be nice to have a replacement for RedPower. As much as I love RP it's not of any use if it's not updated. I'll take another look into FTB but there's so many other mods that I like that weren't in it last time I checked.

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Applied Energistics is an awesome replacement to Logistic Pipes, and also all the new Gates nearly make RedPower obsolete anyway. I do believe the new DW20 pack on FTB has both Applied Energistics and Logistic Pipes as well. I watched Episode 1 of Direwolfs Forgecraft 2 today. They are already testing out stuff for 1.6.2 and I gotta say that it's looking really interesting so far. Bibliocraft, Biomes-O-Plenty, Morph, etc. , all great additions I think. My big favorites have to be Tinkers Construct, Bibliocraft, the new and improved Mystcraft, and of course Forestry with all the add-ons for it. Be sure to check out FTB again, it's really improving.



I've also been checking out this guy on YouTube. He showcases the new Unleashed/Unhinged pack really well. I think it says Unleashed but is indeed Unhinged (GregTech). Also be sure to keep up with Direwolf for the up-to-date stuff for his pack.



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Looks like I have a lot of research to do for Industrialized season 2.5... lol


I try not to watch too many industrial-themed Minecraft let's plays since it tends to subconsciously influence what I do in my own and I end up unintentionally copying people's projects. That also means I tend to fall out of the loop a bit.

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Well, I'm thinking of getting back in the loop with 1.7.2 since mods are starting to update for it. Thanks to Tinkers Construct and the nice piece of code that crashes your game if Optifine is also installed, I had to cut my recordings short. I began having a tough time keeping a steady 30fps while recording without Optifine. At the same time I really don't want to give up Tinkers Construct as it's a really nice addition to the list. If mDiyo can't make his mod compatible with Optifine I might have to drop it. 1.7.2 has brought quite a performance optimization to the game and may be worth my time to try recording again. Now I just have to decide to keep Tinkers or drop it for the better performance while recording. Decisions decisions.... :unsure:  

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