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Fav sci-fi movies?

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I'm trying to find some new sci-fi movies to check out that maybe I haven't seen so what are some of your favourites? When I think of sci-fi I think of like futuristic with space ships or aliens as an example.


Here's some of my favs:


The Aliens series (including the new Prometheus)

Back to the Future

Blade Runner for being a pioneer and having a good vision of the future for its time

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Independence Day


Star Trek (anything Star Trek!)

Star Wars

The Matrix

Total Recall (new and old)


Tron Legacy (the original was kinda meh for me)


I'm not sure if "superhero movies" fit into this list as they're more action oriented. But I did just see The Dark Knight Rises and it was bad ass with some decent sci-fi stuff in it.


There's probably a ton more I've seen and really liked but that's all I could find in my library lol

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I got a few more to add (in no particular order):


  • Elysium
  • Gravity
  • Ender's Game
  • Oblivion
  • Europa Report
  • The Last Days on Mars (if you like a bit of horror with your sci-fi)

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