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Found 16 results

  1. Please post all discussions related to Industrialized season 2 in this thread. See locked info thread here for a list of mods. Thanks!
  2. Welcome to the info thread for season 2 of Industrialized! All YouTube Industrialized video descriptions from this season will link here so that I have an easier place to maintain information. This list may change before the actual LP starts! This first post will contain the most recent and up-to-date mod list for my series. This first post is bleeding-edge and may contain mods that haven't even aired in an episode yet! As I upload videos I will post replies with the config pack used in the making of that video or group of videos. Please note that the direct download links to mods can cha
  3. The time for updating is near which means we have a shot at getting a tekkit server! I personally am getting bored of the server now and wouldn't mind the map being wiped so as we can have it become a Tekkit server, but we must see what everyone else thinks: My point is,the server has a bunch of faults..for those of you in the redstone region. there are some visual eye-saw(s) that we all know about and I think you could all work on a town again tekkit style with power stations and stuffs! (redstoners are die hards) The bottom line is this: The server won't become tekkit unless 90% of
  4. I'll be making posts in this thread whenever the SMP server is down.
  5. Okay 'sho': Everyone I have spoken too has said that they would like the server to become a build craft server (yes everybody)... **NOTE** We would NOT need a new map! the current one will remain! Vote vote vote!
  6. Hey guys! Basically I'm going to be ending my current Industrialized LP when 1.3 comes out because my game has become such a mess with block IDs that I really don't want to fix it and I want to start something new. What I want to know is what mods should I use for season 2 of Industrialized (other than the staple mods)? Update Jun 27: Confirmed Tested and not using Currently planning to use: Optifine Somnia Buildcraft 3 (with logistics pipes) IndustrialCraft2 (with compact solars, charging bench) Forestry Redpower2 (no redpower control) ComputerCraft instead of the
  7. Stylez


    I've started creating some wallpapers of the SMP server! I'll add them to this post/thread as I create them!
  8. I made a signurature image and I want to upload it, but it's on my hard drive, and i can't find an option to upload from my hard drive anywhere, I can upload images from a website, but not directly from my hard drive.
  9. I just finished recording 2 hours of Industrialized so I should be able to get 5 episodes out of it. Hoping to have the next episode up on Tuesday if I get time to edit it tonight and tomorrow.
  10. Stylez

    GamingStylez IRC

    I've created a GamingStylez IRC channel on EsperNet! Go to the EsperNet site to learn how to connect to the IRC server if you don't already know. At the top-right is a link to chat using a web interface or if you already have an IRC client like mIRC then you can click the address under the Chat Now link. Once you get into IRC, join the #GamingStylez channel.
  11. The SMP server is now open! Be sure to read the pinned server guide thread for all the info you need!
  12. I'm creating a quick thread with some polls to fine tune my video release schedule. Basically I want you guys to answer the questions on the poll so that I can figure out when I should be releasing videos. Feel free to add any comments on your YouTube viewing habits to this thread! I'm guessing the days of the week are more important as the time of day varies due to time zones. Basically I want to see if I should release videos on the weekends or not.
  13. I've been thinking about putting up a GamingStylez SMP server for a looong time now and was wondering how much interest there is in this. I'd like to get a list of people that would want to play on it frequently and also if there are any serious builders that would want to work on the community areas. Also I'd want to know if any of you have a preference as to what Bukkit plugins are installed on the server. A couple months ago I had a super secret project where I actually had a server just about ready to deploy that had a bunch of industrial mods on it along with a bunch of Bukkit mod
  14. We need a name for our spawn city on the SMP server! Post your suggestions below and then I'll make a poll afterwards to vote on. Keep in mind the city has a giant wall around it and is desert themed (sand, sandstone, sandstone bricks, nether bricks). First thing that comes to my mind is Qarth from Game of Thrones!
  15. While I'm configuring my private server I figure it's time to formally request help from you guys for creating the common areas of the server. First and foremost we need a spawn city! That's probably the most important thing we need at the moment. Other things we will need are public places like parks, arenas, etc. I'd also like to make some sort of mass transit system so anyone with experience in that area should definitely apply. Anyone interested in these positions should reply to this thread briefly describing their building skills with descriptions of some things they've built (or
  16. Teamspeak Info: http://www.gamingsty...ip-server-info/ Server Address: mc.gamingstylez.com Live Map: http://mc.gamingstylez.com:25566 Buycraft Web Store: https://gamingstylez.buycraft.net/ (Buycraft purchases do not get you donor status on server!) Getting Build Rights Note: Anyone is free to join the server and look around. The requirements are very minimal: Have a forum account here on GamingStylez in good standing. Have 3 forum posts that aren't spam. Starting topics with no valuable content to get your post count to 3 will be removed. Have an avatavar. Removed requir
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