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Allow myself to introduce... myself

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So I figured seeing as I created this member intro forum it would be lame if I didn't introduce myself!


I'm assuming that since you're here you probably know me from my GamingStylez YouTube channel where I do some video game LPs. As you can imagine it takes a lot of time to do LP videos of decent quality (not that I'm pro but I put a lot of effort into them) so generally for every hour that I play there's about two or three hours of production/editing.


During the weekdays I work a 9 to 5 (with _MetalHead_) fixing computers for a small company. I gotta admit it's hard doing an LP video after work because all you want to do is sleep! I try not to do videos when I'm tired or bored because it tends to come out in the video so I don't get to do as many videos as I like.


I have a cat named "Mew Mew" who sometimes heckles me while I'm doing videos and I used to have a bird but she died a few months ago (no it wasn't the cat). The bird was nearly 20 years old though so she was older than dirt!


Let's see.. what else... I run a couple other websites - Rockstar Network which I'm co-founder of and Union Micro which is my business in Second Life. Oddly, no, I have never met Bebop Vox in Second Life! haha

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