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Added ads and donation system

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As I'm sure you've noticed, I've added advertisements and a donation system to help cover the costs of the servers (web, SMP, Teamspeak) and software. Donations are not expected of anyone but if you have a few extra dollars and want some of the donor perks then feel free to donate. If you'd like to help out but can't donate then just disable your ad blockers for this site if you use any.


Donating will get you the perks listed in this topic.


To give you an idea of the money put into all of this, the forum software alone cost about $250, the SMP server is about $20 a month and the Teamspeak server is about $5 a month. The SMP and TS servers I would imagine will have to be upgraded sooner rather than later depending on the usage.


And in case you're wondering, no I don't make enough money from YouTube to pay for any of this... well I could probably pay for the Teamspeak server but that's about it. :D

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