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PlanetSide 2 - 021 "Repair All The Things"

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Someone's gotta keep things running around here!* WARNING: Coarse language and many other things not suitable for children or the easily offended! *Server: WatersonOutfit: Steel Demon SyndicateWant to join PlanetSide 2 and get free stuff to start with? Use my recruiter link: http://bit.ly/1c9aq7hWebsite/Forums: http://www.gamingstylez.comSupport me by buying games: http://shop.gamingstylez.comTwitter: http://bit.ly/o8mA3HFacebook: http://on.fb.me/prGmCfTwitch.tv: http://bit.ly/ntIWbFMerchandise: http://bit.ly/A5QTKsTechnical Specs:All settings on ultraIntel Core i7 3930K32GB DDR3Geforce GTX 680Sound Blaster ZxRSennheiser PC 350All footage recorded with Dxtory - http://bit.ly/pze3M5
Time:30:36 More inGaming

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