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FTB or other server?

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Hi Guys,


My exams are gone (not passed but that is a different topic :D ) and I think the time has come to open such a discussion.


We have to decide:

-What modpack are we going to use or first of all - what version of MC...

-How are we going to host it. Stylez, I do appreciate that you want to use your "extra" pc as a server, but I am ok if we decide to pay to a hosting company (or donate if you choose to host it by yourself).


Looking ahead for a really hot discussion.  B)

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For me, I'm good with whatever modpack that's decided on if Stylez so chooses to host a server for us. And with there only being 3-4 active members on the forums I really don't see the need for a hosting company. A private, whitelisted server would work well I think. 

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We won't be using a paid host. They get sort of expensive and interest inevitably dies off and I'm stuck with $30 a month hosting bill for an idle server. I'll be screwing around with an FTB server, I just don't know which pack - probably Unleashed since that's pretty much the standard pack most people use. It'll be whitelisted and private for forum members and if needed we can install MCPC+ for Bukkit plugins. Only problem I have now is my good computer isn't on 24/7 and my "server" computer isn't quite as high on specs. Then again I'm not sure how much an FTB server would need.


EDIT: I tested it on my crappy server and it was BAD. Block lag was really bad and the CPU usage was near 100%. My other PC works well for it but I'm not 100% sure I want to use it as a Minecraft server.

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Hey man, no worries! Unleashed would need probably a minimum of 1GB to run a server well for a few people. And also tends to get a little more demanding as ages are made, machines are running, etc. But 1GB isn't too bad. I was running mine with 768MB and it started out okay but was progressively getting more and more block lag as the world grew. Like I said before, I do run a small vanilla server using the latest snapshots. 512MB runs it just fine for a few people and is about all my server PC can handle. If you do decide to set it up I don't think plugins would be necessary using a whitelist. OP status would be more than enough to admin the server with just us. Automatic backups would be nice though.

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What was the server you guys ran in 2012? "Homemade" or using a hosting company?


Also, how about creating custom mod pack and lower the performance required?

We used a hosting company for the last server. *IF* I do an SMP server it will be using the Industrialized 2.5 mod pack*.


*I won't actually be releasing a mod pack per se.

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