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Server map has been reset guys! Server Play series is ready to get started! :D


I know it's a little bit of short notice, but I still have the old map if anyone is interested in downloading it. ;) Let me know if there's any issue downloading the save file.


Also, the server no longer has the essentials commands available and the OP list has been cleared. There is also a special surprise awaiting everyone! 


World Download:


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More than likely I'll be whitelisting the server. The usual players are already on the list, so if you want to be on the whitelist let me know in this thread or via private message. The people on the list so far are:



  • Gr8ful
  • JasentyonMine
  • DogEatingFish
  • Skuddles
  • Stylez84
  • Dig_215
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Yea, about that....lol. It's also been 2 weeks for anyone to comment about the server being down. I took down the server mainly because the PC hosting it just doesn't have the RAM to  run it. I could possibly run a vanilla build if anyone is interested without much problem, but it seems the FTB server just requires more than my old PC can deliver for a smooth playing environment. Let me know what you think about a Vanilla server and I'll set it up. If I do, it's going to be all the latest snapshots with no mods. 

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  • 1 month later...

I think I know what the problem was. I have tried to connect to a FTB server and I had problems. Investigated a bit and found out that after the fresh installation of the Windows my java version is TOO NEW. lol


The solution was (didn't try, just read it) "downgrade".

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