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LP Ideas?

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Anyone have any suggestions on videos they want to see? I'm starting to get a bit bored waiting for the stars to align to start my Minecraft Industrialized season 2 LP so I'm looking for suggestions.


I'm open to other games (not sure I want to do more PlanetSide 2 until I get more organized), or Minecraft mod spotlights, etc.

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Try and beat FTL on cam(; And I do recommend beating all three ME's, they are very well executed and have hours worth of fun packed into a space fighting experience! :D


Wasn't really feeling FTL... it seemed too basic from what I've seen of it. The ship customization and stuff was pretty cool but you never really went anywhere or did anything.


Hitman absolution?


Never been a fan of the Hitman series.


And yes, I'm extremely picky with games! Just look at my Steam library - I've barely played any of it. lol

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