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This is the information post about the GamingStylez PlanetSide 2 outfit - Steel Demon Syndicate.


The outfit is pretty much open to anyone as long as you have some form of mic communication and a mature attitude. Please keep in mind that if you decide to join the outfit you will be subject to getting your n00bness posted on YouTube as well as subject to some extremely coarse language that may be offensive to some. :D


I'd like for this to eventually become a serious and organized outfit with regular events and exercises both in training and on the battlefield. But for now while most of us are all n00bs it will be mostly unorganized and just for fun until we get better at the game and some leadership (I don't have the time to run a fully organized outfit).


If you want to join the outfit simply send me a message on this forum with your PlanetSide 2 character name and I'll send you an invite (or you can apply.. not sure if that's working or not).


Keep in mind this outfit is on Jaegar (East)! It's also an NC (New Conglomerate) faction outfit. Representin' the blue and yellow!


Leadership Team:





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Added video and leadership team
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dammit, I can join, I just can't talk through my mic because of reasons... :(


Well even if you can just listen to the squad chat it could still be fun. lol You might have to learn the auto-voice macros that I've never even used before.. at least I think that's what the V key does..

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Invite me Stylez?


Is your in game name Jasenty? I'll invite you after work if I get a chance! I think there's somewhere that you can apply to the outfit but it might be something I have to enable. Since launch I literally logged in, created my character, created the outfit, and logged out. lol

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