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Hey Guys, Gals, and Martians,

Just wanted to start a new thread post for the forum including a wide array of topics.


First off! Every day more and more mods are updating to 1.3.2 for Minecraft. Forestry, Mystcraft, and a few other big mods have since updated, along with new versions of Forge, Optifine, and some more base mods. Post a reply including your excitement for new mods to be updated, brand new mods that you might have high hopes for, and maybe what mods your using currently/plan on using.


Secondly! GamingStylez' new series (Is that what your calling it Stylez?) is up and I have to admit, it's pretty good for how much of a n00b he is. It's very interesting to watch, especially to someone who has never seen Planetside 1 or 2. The core gameplay is very simple, but the use of the influenced areas and the ability to group up with teammates makes it very intriguing. Post a reply including a response to Stylez' new series, what you like about Planetside, and any other thing you have to say about it.


Thirdly and Lastly! I have been very interested in Guild Wars 2 of late. So much so, I went and bought it as soon as they had digital codes for it. So if you know some things about it, feel free to post below what you might know, what you like about GW2, and if you might want to team up and roam the expansive lands.


Thank Y'all Kindly,


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Good idea for a topic!


1) Yeah they're all SLOWLY updating! Getting closer and closer to season 2 of Industrialized! I still want to do one more season 1 video... I MAY do that tonight if I can find time between playing PlanetSide and editing PlanetSide videos. haha


2) Yeah I guess you could call it a series... it's probably going to be a long one as it's easy to record footage for it. I'm going to start doing longer videos for it instead of 20 minute videos to keep my hard drive clean as it's easy to get 2 hours of footage a night and I would get backlogged too quickly (that would be 6 x 20min eps!). I've gotten a lot better over the last couple days which hopefully will show in tomorrow's video - but I'm still not good by any means.


3) I don't know much about GW2 as I'm not one to usually play fantasy MMORPGs.

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Nice post Jasenty ;) As far as GW2 goes, I have a friend in India that has been all over it since it was announced...lol. He really enjoys the game and is always looking for more people to play with. I'll get in touch with him.


I am currently playing vanilla 12w36a, just before that I played around with Buildcraft and Forestry for 1.3.2. Really looking forward to IC, RP, and the rest getting updated. I tried playing on the Tekkit server yesterday only to use /home and end up inside blocks and dying, losing everything I had. :angry:

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