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Found 3 results

  1. This is the information post about the GamingStylez PlanetSide 2 outfit - Steel Demon Syndicate. The outfit is pretty much open to anyone as long as you have some form of mic communication and a mature attitude. Please keep in mind that if you decide to join the outfit you will be subject to getting your n00bness posted on YouTube as well as subject to some extremely coarse language that may be offensive to some. I'd like for this to eventually become a serious and organized outfit with regular events and exercises both in training and on the battlefield. But for now while most of us are all n00bs it will be mostly unorganized and just for fun until we get better at the game and some leadership (I don't have the time to run a fully organized outfit). If you want to join the outfit simply send me a message on this forum with your PlanetSide 2 character name and I'll send you an invite (or you can apply.. not sure if that's working or not). Keep in mind this outfit is on Jaegar (East)! It's also an NC (New Conglomerate) faction outfit. Representin' the blue and yellow! Leadership Team: Stylez84 Illusion2448 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErA4jNfVSIM&feature=g-subs-u
  2. Hey Guys, Gals, and Martians, Just wanted to start a new thread post for the forum including a wide array of topics. First off! Every day more and more mods are updating to 1.3.2 for Minecraft. Forestry, Mystcraft, and a few other big mods have since updated, along with new versions of Forge, Optifine, and some more base mods. Post a reply including your excitement for new mods to be updated, brand new mods that you might have high hopes for, and maybe what mods your using currently/plan on using. Secondly! GamingStylez' new series (Is that what your calling it Stylez?) is up and I have to admit, it's pretty good for how much of a n00b he is. It's very interesting to watch, especially to someone who has never seen Planetside 1 or 2. The core gameplay is very simple, but the use of the influenced areas and the ability to group up with teammates makes it very intriguing. Post a reply including a response to Stylez' new series, what you like about Planetside, and any other thing you have to say about it. Thirdly and Lastly! I have been very interested in Guild Wars 2 of late. So much so, I went and bought it as soon as they had digital codes for it. So if you know some things about it, feel free to post below what you might know, what you like about GW2, and if you might want to team up and roam the expansive lands. Thank Y'all Kindly, -Jasenty
  3. Stylez

    Anyone playing the beta?

    Anyone here in the beta? I've been in it for a couple weeks now but just got over the intimidation of it and actually tried playing it for real. I'm terrible at it so far but the scope of it is pretty cool! You really feel like you're in a real battle with the great sound and graphics. Anyone who wants to play it, get to IGN and sign up. If you pay for Prime you can get beta access right now, otherwise you have to go back to that page on Friday to get your key.

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