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Found 1 result

  1. Stylez

    GamingStylez SMP Server?

    I've been thinking about putting up a GamingStylez SMP server for a looong time now and was wondering how much interest there is in this. I'd like to get a list of people that would want to play on it frequently and also if there are any serious builders that would want to work on the community areas. Also I'd want to know if any of you have a preference as to what Bukkit plugins are installed on the server. A couple months ago I had a super secret project where I actually had a server just about ready to deploy that had a bunch of industrial mods on it along with a bunch of Bukkit mods but I realized I didn't have the time to dedicate to it so I scrapped it just before releasing it. Here, let me make a list of questions and you guys can answer them below: Which Bukkit mods would you like to see on the server? Towny, jail, etc Would you want it to be "Industrialized" (IC2, Buildcraft, etc) or vanilla+bukkit? Keep in mind an industrial server is a lot of work to maintain and worlds could get lost/corrupted frequently. Would you want a voice chat server to accompany it for communication? Whitelisted or pubic? Or hybrid - public access but explicit build rights need to be granted (still open to creative griefing) Would you want to be a builder (building spawn areas, etc)? Do you have any examples of your work (attach images in your reply in this thread)? There's probably a lot of other questions I should be asking so make sure to post any suggestions to this thread. If I decide to create a server (if there's enough desire for it) I would likely use BuyCraft to fund it. Of course you don't have to buy anything to use the server but it would allow you to save time by buying certain items. I would probably also put up a donation box for the server as well but that remains to be seen! I'm also going to need some moderators and/or server admins to help run the server when I'm not around but probably myself and Gizmo will run it in the meantime until we find some people to help out. If you'd like to help out then let me know in this thread that you're interested and just make sure you participate on the forums and show some maturity and you'll be considered (I can't give random people I don't know admin access that's why participation is key)!

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