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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to the info thread for season 3 of Industrialized! All YouTube Industrialized video descriptions from this season will link here so that I have an easier place to maintain information. This was originally going to be season 2.5 but since the mods are entirely different from season 2 that it only makes sense to call it season 3. The last post will contain the most recent and up-to-date mod list for my series. As I upload videos I will post replies with the config pack used in the making of that video or group of videos. I'll no longer be providing direct download links as they break too quickly. Season 1 Playlist Season 2 Playlist Season 3 Playlist I thought about using Feed The Beast but ultimately decided against it since I will be adding my own mods to this pack and disabling others. When FTB gets updated it's likely that config changes will interfere with my custom configs and make things harder to maintain than if I were to just do my own mod pack. I will likely just provide a download to a zip file containing my config folder. See Direwolf20's video tutorial below on how to configure Minecraft profiles using the vanilla launcher! You will likely need to allocate more memory to Minecraft when running with this many mods. In your Forge profile (or whatever profile you'll be using add the following to the "JVM Arguments" section: -Xmx3G -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m You should have 4GB or more RAM in your computer before adding the above. Otherwise you might be able to change -Xmx3G (allocates 3GB to Java) to something smaller or remove it entirely. Failure to add the above to your profile will result in crashing due to out of memory errors because Java will not automatically take advantage of your memory. See here for more info. Current Minecraft version: 1.6.4.
  2. Please post all discussions related to Industrialized season 2 in this thread. See locked info thread here for a list of mods. Thanks!
  3. Welcome to the info thread for season 2 of Industrialized! All YouTube Industrialized video descriptions from this season will link here so that I have an easier place to maintain information. This list may change before the actual LP starts! This first post will contain the most recent and up-to-date mod list for my series. This first post is bleeding-edge and may contain mods that haven't even aired in an episode yet! As I upload videos I will post replies with the config pack used in the making of that video or group of videos. Please note that the direct download links to mods can change/break at a moment's notice as I'm using links provided by the mod devs! These are not guaranteed to work forever so you may have to go to that mod's site/thread and find the section for old versions of mods or use a newer version. I will be using MutliMC for managing my mods so that I can provide an export that will help people install any world downloads. When creating a new instance from my config pack you will need to have all the listed mods in your central mods folder (they can be in sub folders). While importing you will likely get an error saying you're missing Matmos and a rei_minimap folder. You can click finish on this message to ignore it - the minimap folder should create itself when you launch the game and you'll have to install Matmos manually as there are sound files that need to be put in your Minecraft folder. If you want to update to the latest config pack you will have to copy the contents of the config folder in the zip file into your config folder and overwrite the files. This will undo any customizations you've done to your own configs! Current Minecraft version: 1.4.7. All current 1.4.6 mods from my LP work in 1.4.7 after updating to Forge for 1.4.7. Versions: Red - Not up to date. Yellow - Mod works with latest Minecraft even though it's made for a previous version. Green - Mod is up to date or is in official pre-release form. Blue - Unofficial pre-release of mod is available. Usually mod source code compiled by a third-party. Install to: Jar CoreMods or Custom Mods NOTE: Any ad.fly links below are NOT mine! They are the mod author's ad.fly links so that they get supported while you get the convenience of an almost-direct download. Show the spoiler to see the mods table! Other Optional Mods Optifine - May increase performace on low-end computers. Greatly hinders performance on my high-end PC as well as having many Forge-related issues. BetterSound Mod - Listed as not compatible with Forge but seems to work fine. Remove this mod if you get instability with mods. Install in JAR. Please discuss this further in this thread as this one is informational only and is locked.
  4. Jasenty


    Guys! We desperately need to start getting everyone re-interested in the server, and, playing Minecraft again! Im getting very lonely...
  5. So I've been thinking over the last couple days about how useful Mystcraft could be to me but I'm torn on if it fits with the theme of my "no magic" LP. Let me know in the poll if you think I should use Mystcraft. I don't know a whole lot about it but it seems like it could be useful for making builds in different places and getting to them easier with books. Also, the way the portals work seems pretty neat. I've been wanting to find a way to use Nether lava as a power source for the longest time and in Direwolf's latest SMP videos he made a system that automatically transports lava from the nether to the overworld and unloads it with Railcraft. Anyone know if this would work in an SSP world? I also have the GregTech mod which adds a sort of "Ender Storage MFSU" that makes all blocks in any world share the same energy which could be used for getting energy from the Nether. The down side to that is that it's EXTREMELY end-game (very expensive). So yeah, let me know in the poll if I should look into Mystcraft and if not maybe there is something more sci-fi that works the same (doubt there is). Also, what does everyone think of the portal gun mod? That's another mod I've been reluctant to use but it does fit the tech-theme of my LP and have had requests to add it before.
  6. I present to you the long awaited world download for Industrialized season one! This download was (or will be if I haven't uploaded it yet) announced in the season finale of Industrialized that was uploaded October 8th, 2012. Feel free to download this and finish my projects or take a look at what I've done. If you have any issues getting it to work you can post your questions to this thread but keep in mind I am supplying this as UNSUPPORTED so don't expect any help from me or anyone else getting it to work. It's currently running on Minecraft 1.2.3 and all of the config files for the mods as well as a list of mods are provided in the archive (list of mods in the mods folder). Anyone who feels so inclined to port this to a newer version of Minecraft feel free to post a link to your updated version. Download: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/28594233/industrialized-s1.zip Note: This is a non-functional download. It does not include any of the Minecraft game files. Just config files and the world save itself. You will need to copy the files into your own Minecraft folder. I recommend using something like Minecraft Portable, Magic Launcher, or MultiMC.
  7. Hey guys! Basically I'm going to be ending my current Industrialized LP when 1.3 comes out because my game has become such a mess with block IDs that I really don't want to fix it and I want to start something new. What I want to know is what mods should I use for season 2 of Industrialized (other than the staple mods)? Update Jun 27: Confirmed Tested and not using Currently planning to use: Optifine Somnia Buildcraft 3 (with logistics pipes) IndustrialCraft2 (with compact solars, charging bench) Forestry Redpower2 (no redpower control) ComputerCraft instead of the Redpower computer (Forth is too complicated so I'd never use it) Railcraft Wireless Redstone (chicken bones edition) NEI Treecapitator Currently considering using: Convenient Inventory MAtmos ExtraBiomes (too many block IDs and risk of incompatibility with biome related mods) Atmosmobs (don't think it's compatible with ExtraBiomes so one or the other... mo creatures adds way too many mobs) Better Ore Distribution (made ores too hard to find and too much config for mods that add ores) The Better Animation Collection UGOcraft (incompatible with forge) It's basically "more of the same" but with a couple different mods and updated mods. I got some/most ideas from the Technic pack but decided against using the Technic pack as it has a LOT of mods that I don't want to use (I know I can disable them but it's just more crap to wade through). I don't want to use any mods with magic like EE or Thaumcraft. Anyone have any other mod suggestions? The mods I'm considering using are mostly aesthetic mods - so if you know of any mods that add aesthetics to the game (trees, flowers, little animals, building materials) let me know! As of this post, I have 3 more videos left to upload for Industrialized (episode 60 being the last one). So episode 61 will probably be a farewell episode to that season depending on the timing for 1.3. EDIT: I know I didn't get to a lot of the uber high-end industrial stuff in the mods but that's not the purpose of my LP. The purpose of my Industrialized series is just to have fun playing the game and not rushing through everything. Maybe in season 2 I'll take a whole new approach but I'm too laid back to rush through the tech tree!
  8. I just finished recording 2 hours of Industrialized so I should be able to get 5 episodes out of it. Hoping to have the next episode up on Tuesday if I get time to edit it tonight and tomorrow.
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