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Found 3 results

  1. We're considering using the Feed The Beast modpack for the SMP server instead of a custom pack. We're definitely not sticking with Tekkit and FTB has all of the mods we were planning to use in our custom server setup and they're all Bukkit ports. Here's the current mod list: Let me know what you guys think! The launcher is available right now but it's not quite ready with all the 1.4 mods. Also there's no server version available yet as far as I know. Edit: I know it's similar to Tekkit, but FTB actually has the mod creators permission to include their mods so we don't have to worry about mods getting pulled. Plus... Forestry!
  2. Hey, anyone wanna start a home server and do a SMP version of the Challenge FTB pack? I could use a break...
  3. Jasenty

    Feed The Beast!

    Hey Guys, Gals, and Martians, I just wanted to share an amazing CTM (Complete The Monument) map with you all! It's called Feed The Beast and it's down right amazing! If you don't see me on the server for a few days, it's because Im stuck playing this. This challenge map combines aspects of Skyblock, and mixes in Technical Mods like Buildcraft, EE, RedPower, and IC2! http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1052619-125-feed-the-beast-insanity-ssp-released/ Try it out! I recommend adding in MultiMC and Optifine for amazing performance(:
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