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Found 9 results

  1. We're considering using the Feed The Beast modpack for the SMP server instead of a custom pack. We're definitely not sticking with Tekkit and FTB has all of the mods we were planning to use in our custom server setup and they're all Bukkit ports. Here's the current mod list: Let me know what you guys think! The launcher is available right now but it's not quite ready with all the 1.4 mods. Also there's no server version available yet as far as I know. Edit: I know it's similar to Tekkit, but FTB actually has the mod creators permission to include their mods so we don't have to worry about mods getting pulled. Plus... Forestry!
  2. I'll be making posts in this thread whenever the SMP server is down.
  3. Jasenty


    Guys! We desperately need to start getting everyone re-interested in the server, and, playing Minecraft again! Im getting very lonely...
  4. Okay 'sho': Everyone I have spoken too has said that they would like the server to become a build craft server (yes everybody)... **NOTE** We would NOT need a new map! the current one will remain! Vote vote vote!
  5. Hey Everyone! Guys, Gals, and Martians! I just wanted to start a new topic on the progress of the community of the server! Feel free to drop by periodically and let everyone know how your lovely homes are coming along, your epic mines, and your amazing adventures by yourself or with others! Post some screenshots as well for visual representation! Ready? Set? GO!
  6. I've been thinking about putting up a GamingStylez SMP server for a looong time now and was wondering how much interest there is in this. I'd like to get a list of people that would want to play on it frequently and also if there are any serious builders that would want to work on the community areas. Also I'd want to know if any of you have a preference as to what Bukkit plugins are installed on the server. A couple months ago I had a super secret project where I actually had a server just about ready to deploy that had a bunch of industrial mods on it along with a bunch of Bukkit mods but I realized I didn't have the time to dedicate to it so I scrapped it just before releasing it. Here, let me make a list of questions and you guys can answer them below: Which Bukkit mods would you like to see on the server? Towny, jail, etc Would you want it to be "Industrialized" (IC2, Buildcraft, etc) or vanilla+bukkit? Keep in mind an industrial server is a lot of work to maintain and worlds could get lost/corrupted frequently. Would you want a voice chat server to accompany it for communication? Whitelisted or pubic? Or hybrid - public access but explicit build rights need to be granted (still open to creative griefing) Would you want to be a builder (building spawn areas, etc)? Do you have any examples of your work (attach images in your reply in this thread)? There's probably a lot of other questions I should be asking so make sure to post any suggestions to this thread. If I decide to create a server (if there's enough desire for it) I would likely use BuyCraft to fund it. Of course you don't have to buy anything to use the server but it would allow you to save time by buying certain items. I would probably also put up a donation box for the server as well but that remains to be seen! I'm also going to need some moderators and/or server admins to help run the server when I'm not around but probably myself and Gizmo will run it in the meantime until we find some people to help out. If you'd like to help out then let me know in this thread that you're interested and just make sure you participate on the forums and show some maturity and you'll be considered (I can't give random people I don't know admin access that's why participation is key)!
  7. We need a name for our spawn city on the SMP server! Post your suggestions below and then I'll make a poll afterwards to vote on. Keep in mind the city has a giant wall around it and is desert themed (sand, sandstone, sandstone bricks, nether bricks). First thing that comes to my mind is Qarth from Game of Thrones!
  8. While I'm configuring my private server I figure it's time to formally request help from you guys for creating the common areas of the server. First and foremost we need a spawn city! That's probably the most important thing we need at the moment. Other things we will need are public places like parks, arenas, etc. I'd also like to make some sort of mass transit system so anyone with experience in that area should definitely apply. Anyone interested in these positions should reply to this thread briefly describing their building skills with descriptions of some things they've built (or pictures would be preferred). Builds will probably be featured on my YouTube channel and likely in many tutorial videos. Relevant info required: Have you done any SMP server builds before? Do you have pictures of your builds? How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you know how to use WorldEdit (if not you will be allowed creative mode)?
  9. Teamspeak Info: http://www.gamingsty...ip-server-info/ Server Address: mc.gamingstylez.com Live Map: http://mc.gamingstylez.com:25566 Buycraft Web Store: https://gamingstylez.buycraft.net/ (Buycraft purchases do not get you donor status on server!) Getting Build Rights Note: Anyone is free to join the server and look around. The requirements are very minimal: Have a forum account here on GamingStylez in good standing. Have 3 forum posts that aren't spam. Starting topics with no valuable content to get your post count to 3 will be removed. Have an avatavar. Removed requirement as avatar detection is hit or miss. Only detects uploaded avatars. After registering an account on this forum, you must update your profile and add your Minecraft in-game name. Why do we have these requirements? Well, these requirements are another step to keep out griefers and it helps to build a community around the server. This obviously won't keep out all griefers but it makes their life a little bit more difficult. Requirements last updated May 23, 2012. Server Rules No griefing. No spamming or harassing other players. Keep swearing to a minimum. English only. TNT is permitted for mining below ground. Protect your areas with claim blocks. We are not responsible for lost items on unprotected areas. No cheating or hacking. No unattended redstone clocks or other lag-creating devices. These are monitored. Do not build too close to other people's builds unless in a designated town plot. Try to be 10 blocks or more away from other builds. Do not block travel from region posts. Players must be able to spawn at a region post and walk to a new area. Do not build structures to block access to unprotected areas. All mob traps/grinders must be able to be turned off or have a method of preventing drops from accumulating when not in use. Server Guide [media=] [/media] Useful Commands /help - Show all commands that you have access to. /ch help - Show help related to using the chat system. /cityregion - Teleport back to the city region if you're standing near a sign post. /homeregion - Teleport back to your home region if you're standing near a sign post. /movein - Move in to the region you're currently standing in. Then you can get there using /homeregion. /buyclaimblocks [amount] - Buy claim blocks for protecting your land. You can also buy/sell using the signs at the admin shop. /sellclaimblocks [amount] - Sell excess claim blocks. You can also buy/sell using the signs at the admin shop. Note: Land is automatically protected around the first chest you place. You can adjust land claim sizes using a golden shovel (see above video). /trust [player] - Allow this player to build on your protected land. /econ - Show your current in-game money. /buy - Open Buycraft interface for buying items with real money. /mail send [player] [message] - Send any player a mail (useful for messaging an offline player). /mail read - Read your mail. /ticket create [message] - Create a support ticket for a moderator to look at. /ad c(reate) [shopname] [number of hours] [message...] - Create an ad for your shop or other venue. See fees. /ad list - Lists all ads currently running. /ad on/off - Toggles receiving broadcast ads. Enable to see a rotating list of shop announcements or disable to reduce chat spam. /shops - Display all current shops advertising /shops [shopname] - Teleports to the shop requested. See fees. /ad ? - Get help on using the shop ads system. Server Fees Fees for using server features and commands. All players receive $50 per hour that they are actively logged in. This is paid out once daily. Do not go AFK to accumulate money - you will be kicked! Players also earn money by selling items and blocks to the admin shop or to other players via player chest shops. Shop creation price (ChestShop): $50 Shop removal refund: $25 Shop ad creation price: $10/hour TP to shop via ad: $10 Create warp: $50 (donors only) Teleport home: $5 Set home: $10 Buy claim blocks (area protection): $10 each Sell claim blocks: $8 each Join Spleef game: $15 (Money is put in a pool which the winner of the game receives) More info coming soon...
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