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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the info thread for season 3 of Industrialized! All YouTube Industrialized video descriptions from this season will link here so that I have an easier place to maintain information. This was originally going to be season 2.5 but since the mods are entirely different from season 2 that it only makes sense to call it season 3. The last post will contain the most recent and up-to-date mod list for my series. As I upload videos I will post replies with the config pack used in the making of that video or group of videos. I'll no longer be providing direct download links as they break too quickly. Season 1 Playlist Season 2 Playlist Season 3 Playlist I thought about using Feed The Beast but ultimately decided against it since I will be adding my own mods to this pack and disabling others. When FTB gets updated it's likely that config changes will interfere with my custom configs and make things harder to maintain than if I were to just do my own mod pack. I will likely just provide a download to a zip file containing my config folder. See Direwolf20's video tutorial below on how to configure Minecraft profiles using the vanilla launcher! You will likely need to allocate more memory to Minecraft when running with this many mods. In your Forge profile (or whatever profile you'll be using add the following to the "JVM Arguments" section: -Xmx3G -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m You should have 4GB or more RAM in your computer before adding the above. Otherwise you might be able to change -Xmx3G (allocates 3GB to Java) to something smaller or remove it entirely. Failure to add the above to your profile will result in crashing due to out of memory errors because Java will not automatically take advantage of your memory. See here for more info. Current Minecraft version: 1.6.4.
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