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  1. Buy me the game;D Or half of it. I would very much enjoy doing a multiplayer series of this, but I need to get the cash to. Also, on your SP SimCity, make sure to maximize the amount of space you are taking up, I've seen good towns go down because there is wasted space all over due to the theory that spaces are preset to max the area.
  2. And while you do that, Ill be recording the new Tomb Raider;D Lookin' forward to some city hijinx.
  3. Jasenty


    So far, Gr8 and myself are making an SMP series on Youtube for this server. My first episode should hit within the next 48 hours, while Gr8's first is already up. Feel free to stop by on the TS server and give us some commentary! Stylez should also do a multiplayer series(;
  4. Jasenty


    Ill hop on whenever my dad gives me the computer! We'll get our base going so I can do some Thaumcraft and show you the ropes of EE3. See ya then:D
  5. Wild Mammoth uses Stomp! Its super effective!
  6. Ice Age happens again as you ignite your TNT. Im wearing Thermal Underwear. I walk up and claim my prize.
  7. Jasenty


    Can you link the version of TreeCapitator you're using? All I can find is the damned r.01 version
  8. Jasenty


    Certainly beats Windows 8.
  9. Jasenty


    lol the home server. is it up and going or is it down?
  10. Jasenty


    Is it up right now?
  11. Jasenty


    Hey Guys, Anyone interested in battling with some bigass mechs? Anyone interested in blowing each other up with machine guns and explosives? Anyone interested in duking it out with giant metal machines? Then try Hawken. Its free too.
  12. Jasenty

    RedPower 2

    And the server???(:
  13. Twilight Forest, btw, amazing! And cheap to go to as well. Flowers+2x2 Water+Diamond=Loads of fun!
  14. EE wouldnt be on this server considering the theme of what Stylez is going for. FTB has mods that are constantly being updated by mod authors/devs. I swear, everytime I log into the FTB launcher, there is an update. When I logged into Tekkit, there was no update. There hasnt been an update for it in months. Therefor, the wiser option to chose is FTB. If you want EE and TC2, try the mod pack in the launcher itself called Magic World or something.
  15. Elo doesnt talk. She telepathically communicated this message to Slow and he posted it for everyone to see. Elo is mute, across the board, online and offline.
  16. Well, on the off chance that Elo is actually serious, I wont keep my hopes up too high for a few days:D
  17. Here's hoping for the 22nd to be the release date:D
  18. I really don't blame ya Stylez, this is ridiculous.
  19. So... I guess even if Elo gets 1.4.5 RP updated, she's going to have a possibly hayday with the 1.5- Redstone Heavy update. Oh gee.
  20. Hey, anyone wanna start a home server and do a SMP version of the Challenge FTB pack? I could use a break...
  21. Depends on your PC( In your case, laptop). Look at the specs of each version to find the right one.
  22. As soon as RP gets updated, FTB should fully release a 1.4.5 pack, allowing the server to be updated, and all of our shenanigans to continue once more.
  23. Jasenty

    LP Ideas?

    Try doing some cool indie games. Or go for a 360 game, get a few friends and go crazy with Black Ops II's Zombie mode!
  24. Jasenty

    LP Ideas?

    Try and beat FTL on cam(; And I do recommend beating all three ME's, they are very well executed and have hours worth of fun packed into a space fighting experience!
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