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  1. Work Sucks.

    1. Stylez


      I second that notion.. but at least we can (sorta) play Minecraft at work!

  2. Very slick man. Good to know stuff!
  3. Gr8ful with an "8". We meet again sir! Thanks again for the coal I yoinked from your Jungle Lanes Pad outside the wall. I Owe you a fishing rod I recon. A hardly used one at that. G8 work helping Stylez get things situated. Talk soon. "If you can't reel em' you can't smoke em' " _metalhead_
  4. Have to gear up anti zombie "lava slide" man, for sure. And same goes for bathroom visits. Don't fall in.
  5. Dragon's hate heavy metal music therefore setup a high frequency broadcasting tower on the top of the hill (Fire Proof it), and your troubles are over dude.
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