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    Gr8ful got a reaction from Stylez in RIP GamingStylez   
    About time someone posted in here, I was going crazy talking to myself! 
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in Fav sci-fi movies?   
    I got a few more to add (in no particular order):
    Elysium Gravity Ender's Game Oblivion Europa Report The Last Days on Mars (if you like a bit of horror with your sci-fi)
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    Gr8ful reacted to GSBot in Industrialized - S3E02 "Ooh a Village!" [Minecraft 1080p LP]   
    While looking for a new location for my base I stumble upon a village!Website/Forums: http://www.gamingstylez.comTwitter: http://bit.ly/o8mA3HFacebook: http://on.fb.me/prGmCfTwitch.tv: http://bit.ly/ntIWbFMCF Thread: http://bit.ly/ok7btOResource Pack:Sounds from SnowSong: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1900512-Skies from Inspiration: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/402082-Game Mods Used (see forum thread below for most accurate information):http://www.gamingstylez.com/forums/index.php/topic/311-industrialized-season-3-info/Minecraft 1.6.4Minecraft ForgeApplied EnergisticsArchimedes ShipsBuildcraft ToolsBetter Grass & LeavesBiblioCraft (with EBXL and Forestry add-ons)Extra Bees and TreesBuildcraftBetter World GenerationCharge PadsCompact SolarsEnder IOEnder StorageEngineer's ToolboxEnhanced Portals 2Extra Biomes XLForestryGasCraftIC2 Nuclear ControlICBMIndustrialCraft ExperimentalInventory TweaksIron ChestLogistics PipesMekanismModular Force Fields (MFFS)Minechem 4Minefactory Reloaded (skyboy version)Not Enough ItemsNEI AddonsNEI PluginsNether OresObsidiplatesOpenBlocksOpenPeripheralOptifineHarvestCraftPortalGunProject: RedRailcraftRedstone In MotionSwitchesTinker's ConstructTranslocatorsWailaWireles Redstone CBEXACTZan's MinimapMods manually installed - this is not the Technic or Feed The Beast mod pack.World Seed - "Industrialized S3"World Download - N/A yetTechnical Specs:Intel Core i7 3930K32GB DDR3Geforce GTX 680Sound Blaster ZxRSennheiser PC 350All footage recorded with Dxtory - http://bit.ly/pze3M5 From:GamingStylez Views:42 5ratings Time:20:10 More inShows

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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in Industrialized Season 3 Info   
    Episode 1:
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in Video recording   
    I like the UI of Dxtory... it gets the job done. It's not sugar coated but it does what it needs to do. I'd say download the trial and try it for yourself.
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    Gr8ful got a reaction from Stylez in Snapshot!   
    Let me know the address so I can disconnect! 
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    Gr8ful reacted to Koky in Snapshot!   
    I think I've already mentioned that. (:
    Same again. Even couldn't hit the zombie before Minecraft closed! 
    No point, switching to youtube. lol
    I may try hosting a server during the weekend (moded) but will see...
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in FTB or other server?   
    We used a hosting company for the last server. *IF* I do an SMP server it will be using the Industrialized 2.5 mod pack*.
    *I won't actually be releasing a mod pack per se.
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    Gr8ful reacted to Koky in FTB or other server?   
    Hi Guys,
    My exams are gone (not passed but that is a different topic  ) and I think the time has come to open such a discussion.
    We have to decide:
    -What modpack are we going to use or first of all - what version of MC...
    -How are we going to host it. Stylez, I do appreciate that you want to use your "extra" pc as a server, but I am ok if we decide to pay to a hosting company (or donate if you choose to host it by yourself).
    Looking ahead for a really hot discussion. 
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    Gr8ful reacted to Koky in Mekanized   
    Aaaand, in addition. Yup, really excited about the UE. Hope you will record a second one soon and start settling up, so we could check out some cool stuff. 
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    Gr8ful reacted to Koky in Industrialized Season 3 Discussion   
    42 minutes, rly?! I have an exam tomorrow! 
    UE won't be that bad, I guess...
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in Industrialized Season 3 Discussion   
    No I'll be doing S2.5 with 1.6.4 hopefully. Who knows when 1.7 will be out and it's another huge update so I think mods will take a while. Should be able to get pretty far with 1.6 I'm hoping.
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in Industrialized Season 3 Discussion   
    So the 1.6.3/4 updates are to fix things that will be broken in the snapshots? seemslegit.jpg
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in DAT SPEED   
    Yeah that might not be a bad idea. Maybe just run Forge Essentials when it gets updated to 1.6.whateverthehellitisnow (I think they just released 1.6.3..)
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    Gr8ful reacted to Koky in Mekanized   
    Gr8ful, I did not have a chance to watch them all just yet. But I've watched the first two videos. I do want to watch them all but just do not have the time needed. When I had a few hours to watch videos, Stylez mentioned Ender IO and I had to watch reviews. LOL
    One thing I've noticed in the first two episodes - the first one was looong and slooow. And there was almost nothing done in that episode. Although I am ok with that, as I like that kind of videos. I was really fired up on this one and I've just thought "Oh, yeah, there will be hours of Minecraft!" and then I started ep 2 and everything was... already done. And I was "o_O That was not the plan...". Ofc, do not take it personal, just that is my opinion.
    Once I have a chance, I will watch the other two and provide feedback. 
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in Mekanized   
    Constructive criticism is invaluable on YouTube - I love it when people tell me what they don't like so I can try different approaches. The sad thing is that 99.9% of YouTube viewers will simply close your video, not tell you why, and never watch anything you make ever again.
    And I just realized we're starting to hijack the thread... sorry Gr8! haha
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    Gr8ful got a reaction from Stylez in Mekanized   
    'Mekanized' series will soon be incoming. 
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in Mekanized   
    I hear ya on that one! I was in the same boat for a long time but you just gotta keep making videos anyway and viewers will ever so slowly trickle in. I got kind of lucky with my channel because I did the Gran Turismo 5 license walkthrough thing and was really the only one at the time who had it captured with a capture device and not a cell phone so I got a lot of traffic from that.
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in DAT SPEED   
    HAHAHA That's somewhat accurate actually... what I MIGHT do is just put FTB Unleashed on it or something just to test it all out.
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in DAT SPEED   
    haha I had pretty much the same internet package yesterday. 20 down, 2 up.
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in DAT SPEED   
    So I got fibre internet today...
    *tightens seatbelt*

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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in For Stylez   
    I SEENT IT! lol
    Already included it in my 2.5 thread.
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    Gr8ful got a reaction from Stylez in Mekanized   
    Episode 1 
    Episode 2
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    Gr8ful reacted to Stylez in Industrialized Season 3 Discussion   
    I don't think they realized how much of a pain it is to maintain a massive list of mods that are always changing and maintain compatibility between updates. I think in 1.7 they're getting rid of block IDs so that should help... but then again if you don't need to worry about block IDs you can easily make your own mod packs.
    Even making my own pack right now for 1.6 isn't that bad. I just have to delete my config folder once in a while when I get block ID conflicts and all the configs regenerate and sort themselves out. Obviously I couldn't do that if I was playing the game as it would corrupt my world but beforehand it's fine.
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    Gr8ful got a reaction from Stylez in Industrialized Season 3 Discussion   
    Not adding many features? Has slowpoke been living under a rock? There are a ton of new things added to several mods. I have also seen a huge drop in development on FTB itself since they released it. Hyped it up enough for everyone to download it, then take their time updating it. They must have screwed up their new launcher that should have been done weeks ago. They nearly stopped completely giving out any information on the forums also. I was really counting on FTB so I wouldn't have to build my own pack. That idea is getting shot to hell.
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