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  1. DiEvAl

    Web Server Issues

    Map doesn't work.
  2. DiEvAl

    Buildcraft Server!

    Why not 3.x?
  3. DiEvAl

    Buildcraft Server!

    Can we pump oil out of adminshop? Or at least buy oil buckets through a logistics network? Also, it is possible (but maybe difficult) to make it so you don't need BC on client to join. But you would need it to see BC blocks/items and to become a builder.
  4. DiEvAl

    Server lag?

    Looks like it crashed again... EDIT: it's back up now
  5. "You gained 20000 exp" You know what that means? We can finally start building an endermen XP grinder!

  6. DiEvAl

    Funny/cool screenshots

    I took this screenshot on this server about 5 minutes ago.
  7. DiEvAl

    Funny/cool screenshots

    All screenshots except first on were made on this server.
  8. Found a stronghold! I used 2 eyes (4 throws), some math and MS Excel.

    1. Furryoctopus1128


      Whats up w/ the math and excel?

    2. DiEvAl


      Throw 2 eyes from 2 different spots few hundreds blocks apart. Write down coordinates and direction they flew. Write down equation of 2 lines. Find coordinates of their intersection and go there. If there is no stronghold there, go to yet another spot, throw another eye and repeat.


      If you are lazy like me use excel to make all those calculations.

  9. Was working on a side project: blaze farm. Haven't finished it yet, but you can already get XP and rods from it. Leveling up to 50 right now.

    1. DiEvAl


      Due to some serious lag decided to stop at 42. Enchanted a diamond pick with lvl 41. Got Unbreaking 3, Fortune 3, Efficiency 4!

    2. Humbleness51


      Wow should've used that before I spent $1000 on the xp grinder at spawn );

    3. Furryoctopus1128


      Where is the blaze spawner? In the Nether? :P

  10. DiEvAl

    Industrialized Season 2 Planning

    What about UgoCraft?
  11. Finished 384/768 (50%) spawning spaces of my mob trap

  12. Building a mob farm at Redstone. 192/768 (25%) spawning spaces are finished.

    1. DiEvAl


      Spawning rates are about 5 mobs per minute.

    2. Gizmo


      be sure to make it look smexy on the outside!

    3. DiEvAl


      "Form follows function" ;-)

  13. DiEvAl

    When did you start playing Minecraft

    I pirated minecraft in September 2010 but then bought it in October 2010.
  14. DiEvAl


    How long does it take to reset the arena?
  15. DiEvAl

    GamingStylez SMP Server?

    No lag on both servers. I'm in Ukraine.

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