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  1. I have a computer that can support it but my dad is paranoid of viruses and other people connecting to my network so I'm not allowed to run it.
  2. I'm at my country house for the next 5 days :/ No server :( No Internet :'( No Minecraft X'( No computer (Waaaaah I wanna go home!) Wish me luck!

    1. Stylez


      haha good luck man! Roughing it!

    2. DiEvAl
  3. I am the richest person on the server!

  4. I knew I wasn't the only one using Rei's Minimap!
  5. [media=width="560" height="315&quot] [/media]Here is a video by Direwolf20 explaining in depth the twilight forest. It adds new blocks and a new dimension. an a couple of new mobs. (Note: the hollow hill that he went in is a very small one! They can get much bigger and grow stalactites of redstone and diamond!)
  6. A quadricorn because 4 horns are better than one. When does the narwhal bacon?
  7. MultiMC is basically multiple .minecraft folders and a cool selection menu. you make a new folder and call it what the configuration will be, and then you can just install the mods like you regularly would. I would recommend Minecolony. It's not very industrial but I like the idea of having a bunch of little people run around and making things for you. It's still a little buggy so I wouldn't add it right away but it doesn't add any terrain generation so you could add it when ever you want.
  8. I'm AFK for the next 3 days. :( At my country house.

  9. Finals are DONE and I'm making a EXP grinder near my house :P

    1. Jasenty


      I think I ran across your grinder on my travels through StylezLand! Was it a drop grinder? Made of cobble?

    2. Furryoctopus1128


      ya but i had to destroy it since i couldnt place water in it


  10. I got my account in beta 1.6.6 but didn't get a premium till 1.7.3. It was a long time ago in a baron wasteland ( End of grade 6, at school) one of my friends was watching some guy blow the S**t out of an island with TNT. I kinda wanted to do the same but you can't make TNT explode in classic. So I bought an account and downloaded TMI (No NEI back then), spawned myself some TNT and blew the living S**t out of an island. And then i was hooked.
  11. I also use the Faithful Texture Pack! I love it since the textures are pretty much the same as minecraft, just HD (If only they made a 64 x 64...)
  12. Hey there's one problem with that... I AM Chuck f****ng Norris. Then I come and allow everyone to loose. I guess that means I won?
  13. 182,193,384,737,837,128,976,546,234,836,134.3 Why is Tuesday?
  14. Mary Poppins Which 'O' ?
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