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  1. Stylez

    LP Ideas?

    I'm seeing more and more closet farmers these day!
  2. Stylez

    LP Ideas?

    I'm still trying to think of some new stuff. I have no lack of games on my Steam account I just need to pick some! I've actually had a few requests for Farming Simulator so I may try an episode or two of that to see how it goes! haha
  3. Stylez

    Tekkit Map

    I've downloaded a copy of the Tekkit server as it'll be shut down in a couple of days (this also applies to the TS server). I'll post a link to the world download if anyone is interested. The server may come back in the future but for now it's too much of an expense for how much interest there is in it.
  4. Stylez

    Forum Upgrade

    The forum has been upgraded to the latest IP.Board as well as the skin being updated. Let me know if anything seems wonky! You may have to clear your browser cache or force reload the page (shift-F5) to force new content to download.
  5. Forum upgraded... some things possibly broken

  6. Wow YouTube screwed me on today's episode of Industrialized

  7. Stylez


    Yeah I actually did find that Tectonicus one and it looked pretty cool. However, my eyes glazed over when I saw how you have to add mod support to it. I don't think I'm willing to do that much work for 60+ mods! lol
  8. Stylez


    I have no idea what to actually call them but I'm looking for a program that creates a map of your world that supports mods. I know Dynmap supports mods (or used to) but I don't want a live map, I want something that will generate a website that I can upload (html files, etc). I used to use mcmap but it just generated a static image with no mod support. I think Overviewer supports mods, maybe I'll check that one out while I wait for more ideas from you guys!
  9. Stylez


    w00t Windows 7!
  10. Season 2 incoming tomorrow (Saturday)!

    1. TheBrian666


      watching the intro O_O soooo many mods :D


  11. Current mods as of episode 1. Minecraft version 1.4.6. Click here for config pack for MultiMC.
  12. Changelog: Episode 9: Episode 6: Episode 5:
  13. Stylez


    I think I'd prefer Mechwarrior Online... I know MetalHead plays it and said it's pretty cool. At least until they broke it in a recent update. Edit: That's not to say I have the time nor the desire to play either one currently. lol
  14. Stylez

    RedPower 2

    The jury is still out on that one!
  15. Stylez

    RedPower 2

    Yeah I had a heart attack when I saw that on Twitter earlier. lol I'm also off for a week so MAYBE I can get started on my LP!
  16. Stylez

    Feed The Beast?

    44 minutes? Ain't nobody got time fo that!
  17. I'm still alive! Just waiting for Minecraft to stabilize like the rest of you!

    1. Gr8ful


      Won't be long now! Apocolypse is TWO days away!! YAY!

    2. Gr8ful


      False alarm. =(

    3. Stylez


      lol totally didn't see that one coming *cough cough*


  18. Stylez

    Feed The Beast?

    Sooo January it is!
  19. Stylez

    Feed The Beast?

    Yup, I can do that just before it comes down (assuming it does).
  20. Stylez

    Feed The Beast?

    Yep! I'm considering just ditching the server until Minecraft and the mods stabilize... it's not worth the $30 a month to just sit there "waiting for the stars to align." EDIT: I've requested cancellation at the end of the current billing cycle. I'll re-evaluate when RP2 comes out and FTB is updated and stabilized to the point they're not removing mods from the pack and corrupting worlds. Also hoping to see more Bukkit-like mods ported to Forge. I'm also working on projects in Second Life and don't have time to devote to a finnicky SMP server right now. The service will be cancelled at the end of your current billing period on 2013/01/15
  21. Working on some Second Life stuff lately. Videos taking a back seat for a bit!

  22. Watching the Minecon replay on Gamespot

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