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  1. Awesome man, thanks for the update! I'll look into those other mods you mentioned as it would be nice to have a replacement for RedPower. As much as I love RP it's not of any use if it's not updated. I'll take another look into FTB but there's so many other mods that I like that weren't in it last time I checked.
  2. I sort of miss it but I haven't played it since I did my last video. Mostly because once again I'm stuck between versions where I want to do some stuff that newer mods have (mostly forestry stuff) but I'm stuck waiting for mods like RedPower to get updated in my pack before I can move on. As to the original post, it sounds interesting but I don't have the time nor money to put into hosting another server that will only be used by a couple of people.
  3. I now have 4 less teeth

  4. I need to stop being lazy and do more videos

    1. Gr8ful


      I actually just uploaded a new video today. Enjoy!

  5. Stylez

    Minecraft 1.5 status?

    Jeez, you must've really said something colourful some months ago. haha
  6. Stylez

    Minecraft 1.5 status?

    Yeah I saw that drama unfold on Twitter... it was glorious! No idea what it was really about but drama is drama! hahaha
  7. Stylez

    Minecraft 1.5 status?

    Nice! Servers are for those weird people that like being social!
  8. Anyone know what the status is on mods for 1.5.x? I haven't been following it lately and want to get a feel for how long before I should start updating to 1.5. What about bugs in 1.5? Is it stable enough for mods to update to or is there gonna be a new version every week?
  9. I see a Cities in Motion 2 series in my future

  10. Stylez


    haha Dig ya poor bastard! Every server you join doesn't seem to last very long
  11. Other than rolling back to SimCity 4 while waiting for Maxis to patch the new SimCity to be an actual simulation... Anno 2070 is on sale this weekend on Steam. Love this series! I've been thinking about doing an LP on it.
  12. I figured I'd share a little bit of information regarding my latest PC purchase for video capture! Yesterday I found by chance a listing on the NewEgg website for hard drives listed as "video surveillance" type hard drives and noticed how similar that application is to video capture (it's basically the same thing just different scenario). Below you'll see a picture that shows the speed comparison of the 3 hard drives installed in my PC. C: - 120 MB/sec - Seagate Barracuda Green ST2000DL003 2TB 5900 RPM D: - 104 MB/sec - Western Digital WD Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM E: - 167 MB/sec - Seagate SV35 Series ST3000VX000 3TB 7200 RPM So what does this new hard drive get you? Well, one of the biggest bottlenecks of capturing extremely high quality video is your hard drive. Most hard drives can't write a raw 1080p video at 30fps without having to stop for a breather to catch up (causing your game to stutter). For me, this allows me to record 1080p using the UT Video codec at 422 without any hiccups and enough room to record quite a few hours. Granted the 104 MB/sec was also enough to record with the same settings but I could only fit 2 to 3 hours of video then I was forced to edit it. Keep in mind, if you use Dxtory you can split the recording to multiple hard drives if you don't have a single drive fast enough to record your video. One thing to bear in mind with these numbers is that the 2TB drive is only 5900 RPM and would likely come close to the 3TB if it were 7200 RPM. Also the WD drive is the "Blue" brand and not "Black" which is a higher performance drive. Also, the SV35 surveillance drives are designed for extremely heavy load which comes with writing 100+ MB/sec to it for sometimes hours straight. So the price increase is giving you more reliability and who wants to have a hard drive explode when you're almost done recording a 3 hour marathon gaming session? If you prefer Western Digital they also have a surveillance series called AV-GP. Here's their 3TB drive but it's a bit more expensive than the Seagate. Wondering what brand you should choose? Look at the features each offers and the price and decide from that. Don't let anyone tell you what brand to get as they're both basically the same. If you questioned 100 people what brand of hard drive to buy I'd say 60 of them would say Western Digital likely because it's a bit more of a familiar name. Personally, I have 5 Seagate hard drives (some of which are about 2 years old) and have had no issues with them. As a computer technician by trade I see just as many dead Western Digital drives as I see Seagates. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  13. Yeeah if everyone could stop hammering the SimCity servers that'd be greeeat

  14. At least your game is working! haha I finally got situated at 10:00pm to sit down and record but I got a nice error that it can't create my region. Their servers are getting HAMMERED right now... it's pretty much Diablo 3 all over again. Anyone lucky to get in and play usually ends up with a corrupt city when they switch to another city in the region. I'm hoping I'll have better luck tomorrow - in the meantime I'm gonna brush up on the guide! Also: Anyone interested in a multiplayer region let me know! I'm looking for 6 more people (preferably regulars on this forum... do I even have 6 regulars?? lol) so we can each have 2 cities in a 16 city region. I'll be doing a separate multiplayer series from the current single player one.
  15. Stylez


    Feel free to PM me about what it is you're offering.
  16. I might be scaling back a lot on this series as it's just not catching on. There's wayyyyy too many Minecraft series on YouTube so to get any sort of viewership is extremely hard. I'm not stopping this series I'm just refocusing a bit on some other fresh things (like SimCity). I know I have some die-hards that always watch the series every Tuesday and Thursday so it sucks that I'll have to cut back but I thank you guys for your support! Again, I want to stress that I'm not stopping the series, I'm just relaxing my commitment to the Tuesday/Thursday schedule. As I mentioned in my latest video, Minecraft is a hard game to do an entertaining LP for. It takes a lot of prep (like mining) that people don't want to see in a video in order to do the interesting stuff on camera. It's also hard to keep the mods updated every couple weeks which can take 2 - 3 hours depending on how much has changed.
  17. I've already uploaded a couple of videos of the closed beta but starting Tuesday I'm planning to play some serious SimCity! Hopefully I'll be able to start recording on Tuesday night (if their servers don't get hammered) and have the first video ready to go for Wednesday - if I have time to edit it Tuesday night it'll be up Wednesday morning. I'm not sure how I'll be setting up the series... I might do a single player series and then a multiplayer series along side of it when/if I get a few people together that want to play in a region.
  18. Stylez

    Forum Restructure

    Hey guys, I've restructured the forum a bit to simplify it. I removed the game sections from under GamingStylez and just moved them to the Video Game section. I originally wanted to separate YouTube-specific conversation from general game conversation but I think it makes more sense to just keep them together. So anything that was in the GamingStylez section was removed and all posts moved to the appropriate forum under Video Games (so update your links!). I've also added a section for SimCity since that's coming out next week.
  19. Stylez


    They're like assholes, everyone has one?
  20. Stylez


    I should but I have a hard enough job devoting time to my SSP series! haha
  21. Wish I got that lucky! Edit: Just tried the same enchants with the mod and it costs 28 levels. You're saying it costs more in your version?
  22. Don't know what you're enchanting or if they're different for different items (I think it would cost more to enchant iron or maybe sapphire) but Fortune 3 on a diamond pickaxe only cost me 20 levels. Unbreaking 3 was 18 levels and Efficiency 4 was 21. So 59 levels for a bad ass pick with exactly what I wanted on it. You COULD maybe get the same thing for probably 30 levels if all the stars aligned and by random chance you got all the good stuff applied with one enchant on the vanilla enchanting table. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have a tough time repairing the pick on an anvil (if I even can, it's probably too high) but I can just disenchant the current one to get most of my XP back and enchant another one. One thing I was thinking about the books... doesn't it cost XP to combine books and also to apply the book's enchant to an item?
  23. I dunno about that! Even enchanting books is too random for my taste. Took me 20+ books to get fortune on one of them... I think that's a lot more XP than any extra XP you'd use with the Enchanting Plus mod. Granted the extra random enchantments you end up with can be stored and applied to things at a later date, you gotta admit you'd end up with a lot of books you probably would never use.
  24. Current mods as of episode 9. Minecraft version 1.4.7. Click here for config pack for MultiMC.
  25. Stylez

    Tekkit Map

    Here's the download link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/28594233/GSTekkit.zip The map is current to January 12.
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