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    haha I had pretty much the same internet package yesterday. 20 down, 2 up.
  2. Stylez


    So I got fibre internet today... *tightens seatbelt*
  3. Stylez

    For Stylez

    I SEENT IT! lol Already included it in my 2.5 thread.
  4. Ok that forum was really broken. It was set to only show topics from "today" but when I changed that it still was showing as empty and couldn't get it to come back to life. I made a new entertainment forum and moved all the topics. So all the topics are there but it's possible that any old links are broken.
  5. Noo.. ISP cancelled my fibre install due to the storms!

    1. Gr8ful


      Y U No nice weather!? \0/

  6. Ender IO replaces a lot of the functionality of TE. It has equivelants to conductive pipes, liquiducts, acqeuous accumulators, and energy cells... and a lot more stuff. It doesn't have equivelants for all of TE but in my opinion the most important stuff is covered and then some.
  7. Just created a new forum here: http://www.gamingstylez.com/forums/index.php/forum/34-post-your-lets-play/ Create a new topic in there and have at it!
  8. The permissions look fine it's just your topic is hidden or something. It doesn't even show up in the forum list but I can see it ok as an admin. See if you can get to this thread Koky: http://www.gamingstylez.com/forums/index.php/topic/316-test/
  9. I probably won't use TE unless it happens to update before I start. I've found other mods to replace it anyway so, no big deal. As far as the server goes, I need to test a bit this weekend to see if it's feasible. If I do open a server it won't be a 24/7 dedicated server - I'll try to make it available but it won't be hosted in a data center so it won't have a 100% uptime. I can always make a sub-forum for people to post their LPs, I have no problems with that!
  10. I have most of my mods figured out for the time being (see the pinned info thread). Next phase is to go through the list and update to the latest versions and look through the configs and disable some of the things I don't want and tweak some settings. Most of the mods remaining on the list that haven't been updated by the time I start configuring will just be dropped from the series as I think I have all my bases covered.
  11. Thanks Koky, I do try to balance my series out between "BUILD ALL THE THINGS!" and adventure and designing nice bases/buildings. We've been THINKING about setting up another server but haven't really settled on anything just yet. I have a computer here that I can install a Minecraft server on and I have a fiber internet connection being installed this Friday so I'm considering that option. My series will be starting shortly after all the important mods on my list are updated to 1.6.2 and then I go through all the config options. I'm mainly waiting on Thermal Expansion and Minefactory Reloaded.
  12. I don't think they realized how much of a pain it is to maintain a massive list of mods that are always changing and maintain compatibility between updates. I think in 1.7 they're getting rid of block IDs so that should help... but then again if you don't need to worry about block IDs you can easily make your own mod packs. Even making my own pack right now for 1.6 isn't that bad. I just have to delete my config folder once in a while when I get block ID conflicts and all the configs regenerate and sort themselves out. Obviously I couldn't do that if I was playing the game as it would corrupt my world but beforehand it's fine.
  13. Yeah, I didn't get nearly as far in season 2 as I'd like... didn't even really get into much of the tech mods other than Thermal Expansion. It was more of a vanilla LP than anything! I'm hoping that by getting an early jump on 1.6 that I can get a little bit more time out of this season and by trying to use mods that are actively developed. Sengir has been working on BC for a while now and definitely has added a lot to it. I think he's on a bit of a break right now but CovertJaguar (from Railcraft) has been doing a lot of work on BC and from what I can tell is doing a great job and adding a ton of cool stuff. That's the good thing about open-source mods is that you can get a lot of people working on them that normally wouldn't have. cpw has also been adding a lot of stuff to BC and/or moving some of the core functionality into Forge for other mods to easily use (like the liquid api). Edit: slowpoke just said on his stream that he's completely content with not updating FTB to 1.6 due to it not adding many features to the game. Take from that what you want but that makes me feel better about making my own mod pack. lol It sounds like there won't be an FTB for 1.6 for a while - he said he wants to give server owners a sense of stability for a while. Sounds like they may just wait for 1.7.
  14. Welcome aboard! Glad I could be of some inspiration to your gaming habits! lol
  15. Yeah I never even really considered Buildcraft. The RedNet things in MFR seem pretty powerful anyway... just waiting for 1.6.2.. lol
  16. Has anyone played around with Project: Red? Looks to be a complete RP2 replacement. It doesn't look as nicely done as RP2 but looks like it might be open source which means it should get maintained well. EDIT: There's also a logic replacement by Immibis here... my kidney's are telling me that Immibis is a more active and reliable dev. EDIT 2: Ehhh Immibis version seems to be real early for 1.6 and requires his microblocks mod. I'd prefer to use ChickenBones' microblocks (Forge Multipart).
  17. Yeah I know what you're saying about using FTB as a base but it's not ready yet for 1.6.2 (even though you said it's around the corner) and I hate relying on yet another third party to maintain the mods I'm using. I already have everything from season 2 that I'm going to use (that has a 1.6 version available) installed and working in my game. I would have been done hours ago but keeping the forum post updated is more work than installing the mods! haha Knock on wood I haven't had one ID conflict yet so either mod authors are really working together to not overlap or Forge has gotten smarter in assigning block IDs. I've also dropped EBXL for Biomes O' Plenty! I've also dropped Wee Flowers since BOP adds enough flora to make it kind of redundant. I've also dropped a couple smaller IC2 add-ons that I didn't really need like Transformers and ChargePads... they were cool but I don't NEED them and it's just something else I have to worry about updating. Also going full-steam-ahead with the experimental 2.0 of IC2 since that's what they appear to be updating now (the previous 118 hasn't been touched in 2 months or so).
  18. Ahh I think I remember something like that in some newer versions in LPs... come to think of it I know Forestry now has something like that. I'll have to compare them and see if it's worth dropping XACT - XACT is REALLY well done so I'd hate to drop it but it's always nice removing extra mods so it's one less mod you have to wait to update.
  19. Yeah that and Minefactory Reloaded are two that I'm waiting on. I'm hoping to get all the other mods working and by the time that's done then HOPEFULLY the rest of the mods will be updated. Unfortunately it's hard to work around mods that add world-gen without having to regen terrain later.
  20. This is the place to discuss season 3 of Industrialized! The official locked info thread is here! I've decided to do a season 2.5 because season 2 didn't really make it that far and I felt like I had to end it since it was old technology/mods and seemed kind of stale already. I had intended on updating to 1.5.x but I got bit by the lack of RedPower updates and being a huge mod it's hard to work around it or just drop it from a world. EDIT Oct 20, 2013: I decided to make it season 3 instead of 2.5. Assume all future references to 2.5 are now 3! WIth 2.5 I won't be using RedPower and will instead be replacing it with mods like Minefactory Reloaded (rednet cables), Redstone In Motion (replacement for frames), and some other mods that overlap it a bit like Tinkers Construct, Applied Energistics, and Extra Utilities to name a few. I'll be going back to the old school Minecraft Portable for managing my Minecraft instances since MultiMC 4 does not support Minecraft 1.6.2. By extension I don't think the FTB launcher currently supports it either since I believe it is based on MultiMC 4. Also, FTB is currently on Minecraft 1.5.2 and I feel like it won't be updating for quite some time. Since I like to be bleeding-edge when I start a new season I'm going old school! I'll actually be using a good amount of the non-magic mods from FTB Unleashed in this season with the addition of mods like Somnia, XACT, and some others that were in season 2. Feel free to comment with some other mods I should add to Industrialized below!
  21. Welcome to the info thread for season 3 of Industrialized! All YouTube Industrialized video descriptions from this season will link here so that I have an easier place to maintain information. This was originally going to be season 2.5 but since the mods are entirely different from season 2 that it only makes sense to call it season 3. The last post will contain the most recent and up-to-date mod list for my series. As I upload videos I will post replies with the config pack used in the making of that video or group of videos. I'll no longer be providing direct download links as they break too quickly. Season 1 Playlist Season 2 Playlist Season 3 Playlist I thought about using Feed The Beast but ultimately decided against it since I will be adding my own mods to this pack and disabling others. When FTB gets updated it's likely that config changes will interfere with my custom configs and make things harder to maintain than if I were to just do my own mod pack. I will likely just provide a download to a zip file containing my config folder. See Direwolf20's video tutorial below on how to configure Minecraft profiles using the vanilla launcher! You will likely need to allocate more memory to Minecraft when running with this many mods. In your Forge profile (or whatever profile you'll be using add the following to the "JVM Arguments" section: -Xmx3G -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m You should have 4GB or more RAM in your computer before adding the above. Otherwise you might be able to change -Xmx3G (allocates 3GB to Java) to something smaller or remove it entirely. Failure to add the above to your profile will result in crashing due to out of memory errors because Java will not automatically take advantage of your memory. See here for more info. Current Minecraft version: 1.6.4.
  22. Looking good man! I see you finally got the framerate issues solved lol
  23. Stylez

    Where's Stylez?!

    If you're wondering where I am, I'm still around! I have a ton of videos I want to do but it's been a pain lately to get them done. I was down for about 2 to 3 months due to my wisdom teeth - they were impacted and starting to decay since you can't brush them when they're 95% under your gums so daily toothaches made life miserable. I got them hauled out at the end of June and took a couple weeks to heal over. So, after my teeth were healed I found myself in the middle of summer and unable to record videos since I have no tolerance for heat and my air conditioner is too loud! Basically, right now I'm in a holding pattern before I can do any more videos but it's starting to cool off a bit so hopefully I'll get back on track soon!
  24. Stylez

    In moderation

    Are you seeing a lot of spam lately? I haven't renewed my IP.Board license in a while so we're not getting the Akismet anti-spam stuff so that could contribute to spam. I was waiting for the next major version before I renew the license which should be "soon".
  25. Looks like I have a lot of research to do for Industrialized season 2.5... lol I try not to watch too many industrial-themed Minecraft let's plays since it tends to subconsciously influence what I do in my own and I end up unintentionally copying people's projects. That also means I tend to fall out of the loop a bit.
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