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Pinned  Welcome!

May 14 2012 06:45 PM | Stylez in News

Welcome to the new GamingStylez website!

The aim of the new site is to create a small community based around gaming and our YouTube channel. I've had the need lately to engage with my YouTube subscribers and have had a lot of trouble with that so that is the main motivating factor for creating this new website. You can sign up at the top of the site and you can just create a forum account or you can use Facebook or Twitter to sign up.

As of right now the site is usable but far from complete. I have some articles to migrate from my old site once I figure out how the article system works with this new site! Feel free to post your suggestions for the new site in the GamingStylez General forum. The forum layout is also far from complete so feel free to suggest some new forums for topics you'd like to talk about.

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GamingStylez SMP Now Open

Jun 10 2012 10:24 AM | Stylez in News

Our Minecraft SMP server is now open to the public! Everyone is free to join and look around so jump on and give it a go!

See the info thread here for more information.

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Capturing to a Hard Drive

May 16 2012 05:00 PM | Stylez in Video Capture

In this article I will be touching on the basics for recording video to your hard drive for uploading to YouTube (or other video sharing sites). I previously wrote a 7-page series on video capture for my old site but I've decided to redo them and condense them while adding a lot more knowledge that I've learned over the last year or so.

Disclaimer: I will be writing about the way that I do things - this may not necessarily be the best way but it works for me and is a good starting point.

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